Nutrition and diet for spondylosis

Spondylosis is a disease characterized by formation of bony osteophytes in the ligaments of the vertebral column on the background of the microfractures, disorders of nutrition and blood supply. Disease without proper treatment leads to disability. Along with the treatment of doctors appointed by the diet, aimed at the prevention of excessive accumulation of calcium salts in the blood, providing the body with a balanced ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

food Products in spondylosis


Powered by ossification of ligaments of the spine based on the following principles:

  • Coverage of physiological needs in the chemical compounds and energy;
  • Compliance with standards of protein in the diet
  • limiting the use of animal fat and vegetable fat;
  • elimination of food kamneobrazuûŝih products (salt, spicy and smoked dishes);
  • Rejection of strong tea and coffee that constrict blood vessels.

The Daily rate of protein in the human diet with spondylosis is 80-90 grams. Animal fats – no more than 50 grams and carbs to 300 grams. The consumption of products should be carried out fractional portions 6 times a day.

Particular attention should be paid to natural vegetables and fruits. This is necessary due to the fact that the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs leads to the destruction of many vitamins. However, without NSAIDs effectively treat the disease impossible.

Power in spondylosis should not be satisfying for energy needs. Scientists believe that it will be enough to cover 80% of the energy needs of the body, and the remainder of calories will come from fat deposits. Daily energy value of food should not exceed 2500 kcal.


Diet accumulation in the spinal cords of calcium is vital. Without it is impossible to prevent the progression of the disease. We offer you to study the principles of diet in spondylosis:

  1. the Meals are prepared in boiled, without salt
  2. Bakery products is permitted only to people with normal body weight;
  3. Soups are prepared on the basis of vegetarian recipes with the content of fruits and vegetables;
  4. Chicken broth is allowed no more than 1 time per week;
  5. Of meat products should choose low-fat varieties: chicken, lamb, Turkey, pork
  6. Fish dishes are prepared on the basis of salmon trout, pike perch, cod, perch. Soaked herring is allowed no more than 1 time per week;
  7. Eggs allowed to use spondilesis, but in the presence of atherosclerosis (deposition of plaques in the vascular wall) it is necessary to limit (not more than 3 per week)
  8. On the table person with the presence of bone osteophytes along the spine should always be vegetable salads, vegetable side dishes. In large quantities you can consume the fennel, onion, celery and garlic;
  9. is Allowed any fruit juices except grape
  10. Flour products can be eaten at a normal weight;
  11. Dairy products useful, but in moderation. They contain calcium, which in excess in the blood is deposited in the soft tissues;
  12. Sweets is not desirable, but if strongly want, you can eat no more than 30 grams of sugar;
  13. Spices and sauces no benefit to the spine. Nevertheless, Bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, dill and parsley can be added to soups;
  14. Snacks: low-fat ham, tongue, soaked herring, walnuts.

Given the above features of the diet, note that except for the need for regular and consistent gymnastics, constant medication, when spondylosis is necessary to follow a special diet. The disease is insidious, and curing it requires a complex, otherwise high risk of developing disabilities due to multiple related changes in all organs.