How is the treatment of lupus folk remedies?

A Disease in which inflammation develops in connective tissue, in tendons and joints, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), treatment of folk remedies in the case of this autoimmune diseases is spread pretty widely.

to consult a doctor about lupus erythematosus

The name of the disease is associated with skin manifestation. A rash that occurs on the cheeks and nose resembles a butterfly, consistent with bites from a dog or wolf. In the course of disease the immune system "breaks", begins to attack and damage the DNA of healthy cells that are in connective tissue. The incidence of lupus is not very common, the risk group includes women aged from 25 to 40 years, rarely the disease can affect children and adolescents and also older people.

Systemic lupus erythematosus is very rarely inherited. This can happen if carriers of the disease are the mother and father.

cause of disease

Modern medicine is still not determined an exact cause of lupus erythematosus. Perhaps this is due to genetic disorders that are inherited.

tansy when lupus erythematosusThere are a number of factors that may contribute to the emergence of the disease:

  • often being outdoors when exposed to ultraviolet rays on human skin;
  • in a series of studies, scientists found that in patients with lupus erythematosus have an increased level of hormones of prolactin and estrogen
  • the cause of the disease can become complex infectious diseases (hepatitis C, cytomegalovirus, disease Sticker syndrome and Epstein-Barr);
  • the risk of most autoimmune diseases is increased if a person smokes, frequent contact with chemicals and use high levels of toxins;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus occurs most frequently in representatives of the African-American race and their descendants;
  • the use of certain drugs may also trigger a pathological reaction of the immune system and cause lupus.

Treatment of lupus erythematosus traditional methods

Based on many different symptoms, lupus erythematosus rarely diagnosed correctly the first time and is often confused with other diseases. Examination of the patient must be a doctor-a rheumatologist that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases and diseases associated with them.

lupus erythematosus detected primarily due to General and specific blood test. It helps to identify the amount of antibodies and cells, the occurrence of which is characteristic of this disease.

Traditional treatment includes medications, mostly hormonal therapy, and stem cell transplantation.

the calamus Root in lupus erythematosus

Treatment at home can happen with the help of traditional medicine. most Often it is the infusions for ingestion and herbal ointments. They effectively complement medical treatment and support the human body during treatment.

since lupus primarily affects the skin, there are many recipes which help to cope with a rash:

  1. Ointment for lupus with birch kidneys. For this drug will need a glass of crushed birch buds and 0.5 kg of fresh melted lard. The ingredients are mixed and within 7 days tantalized in the oven for 3 hours a day. After cooking ointment can lubricate the affected skin several times a day.
  2. Ointment for lupus with tarragon. The basis for this ointment is melted pork fat. On 5 cups of melted fat you need to take 1 glass dry herb tarragon. All thoroughly mixed and stewed in the oven for 6 hours at a temperature that does not exceed 150-180° C. This medicine can be used for several months, is applied on the skin. Keep the cream with the tarragon can only be in the refrigerator.

Treatment of SLE in children

Approach to the treatment of lupus erythematosus in children should be different. The young patients suffer heavier disease, many pills be toxic for them.

A Good addition to the basic treatment in children may be a special herbal decoction with willow.

For it will need roots of this tree (be sure to track down a young plant whose roots are not yet strongly developed). If using fresh roots and should be dried in the oven.

A tablespoon of dry powdered roots of willows pour a glass of boiling water and cook a bit (about 1-1. 5 minutes). Then the broth strain and infused for half a day. The decoction must be taken often, 2 spoons every two hours. If the child is very small, to improve the taste you can add honey, preferably fresh.A decoction may be consumed within a month.

Tonic tinctures in lupus

This decoction helps to strengthen the body and to cope with the main symptoms of lupus erythematosus. It must be 100 g of the following herbs:

  • elecampane
  • calamus root;
  • tansy
  • kirkason.

Herbs are ground and filled (4 tablespoons to 1 liter of boiling water). It is enough to leave macerate for one night in a thermos, and by the morning it will be ready. Drink tonic collect before the meals, per day you must use all of the liquid and again to prepare a fresh brew.

a Drink made from mistletoe at SLE

This tincture was anciently used by our ancestors to treat diseases like lupus. For this folk prescription needed parasitic plant – mistletoe. It grows on the branches of trees and feeds on their juices. The best fit birch mistletoe.

1 tablespoon of crushed leaves of mistletoe pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 25 minutes. Infusion should drink per day in three divided doses at equal intervals of time. The course of treatment – one month.