Rid of arthritis toes: symptoms of the disease and its treatment

If you have arthritis of the toes, symptoms and treatment which will be described below, an urgent need to take measures to get rid of it, because the disease disrupts the normal functioning of the body and accompanied by severe pain. What triggers the disease? How to recognize it? Is it possible to prevent the development of arthritis? People with this disorder often ask such questions. You should dwell on each of them to better understand the mechanism of the disease.

the Problem is arthritis of the big toe

Essence illness

Arthritis is sostavnoi inflammation, which is characterized by lesions of the cartilage of the joint and its capsule. Joints can be affected as a single, which is called monoarthritis and multiple is polyarthritis.

First is the loss of cartilage, which gradually becomes thinner. Then the disease passes directly to the joints: they begin to deform, causing severe pain. It is for this reason important to monitor the condition of the feet and, above all, wear comfortable shoes.

The disease may be chronic or acute in nature, which largely depends on the cause of the disease, the stage of arthritis and its type. Specialists distinguish three types of arthritis: traumatic, infectious and degenerative arthritis.

The disease can be triggered:

  1. the infection into the joint through an open wound or blood.
  2. Disease of the connective tissue.
  3. a metabolic. This occurs with gouty arthritis.
  4. Psoriasis.

depending on the type of arthritis occurs damage of certain toes. In reactive arthritis most often occurs defeat of the great toe. Arthritis of the thumb is far more common than the other types of arthritis. When rheumatoid arthritis affects the other four fingers.

Common causes of arthritis of the toes

Arthritis toes more often affects women. In most cases this is due to the pursuit of beauty. Young girls prefer to wear shoes with high heels, sometimes too small for their feet, because soon start to notice the first symptoms of the disease.

Uncomfortable shoes cause arthritis toes

Triggers the development of arthritis of the first toe and flat feet, which can also occur due to uncomfortable shoes. Men cause arthritis toes can such a disease as gouty arthritis.

The rest provoking the emergence of arthritis factors include:

  1. sexually transmitted Diseases.
  2. Disturbed metabolic processes in the body.
  3. overweight.
  4. Hereditary factor.
  5. Aging.
  6. the Decline of the immune system.
  7. Infection.
  8. Smoking.
  9. Autoimmune diseases.
  10. Hypothermia.
  11. Hard physical labor.

Symptoms pathology

The Development of the disease is progressive: the implicit symptoms are becoming more pronounced. Initially the person does not feel much discomfort. Then, in place of the affected joint occurs periodic pain that is sharp, aching or cutting in nature. This pain can be caused by a change in the weather or at night time when the relaxation of all the joints of the body.


The possibility of strong increase in body temperature. This is due to the inflammatory process. If the temperature is missing, it means that the inflammation will be reflected on the joint, leading to its deformation.

In the morning person may feel stiffness in the affected joint, it greatly restricts movement. Does not help develop the joints or change of body position.

It is believed that arthritis is an inevitable fate for older people, but nowadays the disease is much younger. Often young people do not pay attention to it, as the disease does not manifest itself in the early stages. Most people think that leg pain is a result of fatigue and long stay in a standing position.

Thus, it is possible to summarize the clinical manifestations of the disease in the form of the following sequence:

  1. 1 symptom – pain occurs in the area of the affected joint.
  2. 2 symptom – the appearance of hyperemia or redness in the affected area.
  3. 3 symptom – in severe cases the body reacts to inflammation in the joint increase in body temperature to high levels (39-40 degrees).
  4. 4 symptom – limitation of function of the diseased joint, this symptom is manifested either by joint stiffness in the morning or the complete lack of motor ability.
  5. 5 symptom – the appearance of edema in the area of the lesion.

Particular treatment

Initially when the pain in the toes should seek medical help. If the diagnosis of will be assigned to combined therapy. First removed the signsdisease and its cause, only such treatment can produce good fruit.

Your Doctor will be prescribed a special diet based on plant foods and products rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

A significant role in the treatment of arthritis of the joints of the fingers plays a therapeutic exercise.

besides prescribers allopurinol acid or corticosteroids. Mandatory for the doctor to prescribe chondroprotector. They restore cartilage and tissue.

When pain used analgesics, tablets and local ointments on the basis of diclofenac. Diclofenac reduces inflammation and relieves pain. If the arthritis is caused by infection, antibiotic therapy is applied.

Once the patient cope with acute manifestations of the disease, he prescribed physiotherapy-based massage, warming treatments, baths, therapeutic mud and healing gymnastics.

Thus, the basis of treatment of arthritis of the toes are:

  1. Anti.
  2. Chondroprotector – are appointed once to be resolved inflammatory process.
  3. Antibiotics are used most often, because usually the arthritis is infectious in nature. Antibacterial therapy is appointed on the basis of the type of pathogen, and the age of the patient.
  4. Physiotherapy – held, when there was an acute period of the disease.

Helper methods of treatment include:

  1. exercise therapy.
  2. the Use of orthotic insoles or special shoes.
  3. massage therapy.
  4. Spa treatment.
  5. Other physiotherapeutic procedures.
  6. Proper nutrition (eating foods with a high content of vitamin E).
  7. the Use of mud.
  8. traditional therapy, pre-agreed with the doctor.


To prevent such diseases as arthritis of the toe, it is necessary for all life to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. In everyday life wear the shoes on average heel comfortable, ideally the heel should be quite small, refrain from wearing shoes with a narrow nose.
  2. Leg needs constant care. We must not forget about hygiene!
  3. Try to avoid injuries to fingers toes.
  4. If your legs get tired at the end of the day, do more foot massage and preventive baths with the addition of medicinal plants.

In the diagnosis of this disease remember that be treated at home astroidea the defeat of the fingers is not possible; home treatment always should be combined with traditional treatment. It is permissible to use folk remedies, but only after coordination with the doctor.