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Why are frequent headaches with nausea

If you have persistent headache and nausea, then it is already serious occasion to reflect, why so occurs. Often such symptoms indicates the existing dangerous health problems requiring professional intervention.

headaches with nausea

Causes debilitating symptom

Often, frequent headaches, nausea which is marked, indicate violations of the functioning of the Central nervous system. But sometimes provoke the emergence of such symptoms and can injury and contusions of the skull, swelling of the brain. The consequence of mechanical impacts is increased pressure inside the skull. It provokes vomiting and severe pain in the head. Very often, stressful situations and fatigue also provoke pain. There are a number of diseases that are characterized by similar symptoms.


Migraine – the disease affects the nervous system. It is characterized by nausea and frequent headaches. People who suffer from migraine say that during attacks becomes more difficult to perceive the noise and bright light, before my eyes often emerge glare. Duration of pain depends on how impaired circulation in the parts of the brain. In some cases the migraine attacks are bugged for several days in a row.



If nausea and frequent headaches disturbed regularly, and the obvious reason the patient is not watching, you should address to experts for examination, because it may be the first signs of a brain tumor. Noting the time of day when most often manifests the symptoms, you can diagnose this problem. Thus, for tumors and hematomas of the brain characterized by morning bouts of pain, nausea and dizziness.


Meningitis is an infectious disease in which inflammation occurs in the membranes of the brain or spinal cord. In addition to headache and nausea, symptoms of meningitis are complemented by fever and the appearance of spots on the body. Identify the disease before the arrival of the doctor, asking the patient to tilt the head to the chest or raising the legs. Playback of these movements will be accompanied by very severe pain in the head, but for a more accurate diagnosis you need to consult a doctor.

Meningitis and the headaches


hypertension is a disease is extremely dangerous, since it takes place without pronounced symptoms. Many people suffering hypertension, it often live, not knowing of its existence. This is why doctors often reminded that with the constant emergence of unpleasant painful sensations need to monitor the pressure. Diagnosing hypertension can also, drawing attention to additional symptoms, which still manifests itself in some cases. This includes:

  • numbness fingers
  • weakness
  • rapid heart rate.


Termometros is interesting, the disease occurs in vulnerable and impressionable people. Termometros is evident in the post-stress increase in body temperature, which may stay at around 38 degrees for about two weeks. The reasons for this are capillary spasms. The temperature increase is accompanied with nausea, headache and often vomiting and sleep disorders.


Encephalitis is characterized by the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the brain and requires immediate hospitalization. The conclusion about the presence of this disease is taken, if the patient experiences a digestive disorder accompanied by fever, fever, seizures or epilepsy, headache, dizziness, vomiting and nausea. More accurate diagnosis can only ask the expert. To self-medicate in this disease is not recommended.

Food poisoning

Very often, food poisoning is not only accompanied by nausea and vomiting, but headache and fever. The consumption of unsafe food or products shelf life has expired, leads to intoxication. Food poisoning not long in coming and is already apparent after 30-40 minutes after eating and may last up to several days. Food poisoning, in addition to the above symptoms, manifested in diarrhea, dizziness and General weakness. The need to see a doctor depends on the severity of the illness and the existing symptoms.

But it's not the whole list of diseases, which are characterized by headache, vomiting and nausea. To determine the exact diagnosis you need a doctor's visit and a comprehensivetests.

how to help during an attack

Experts recommend not to delay a doctor's visit in cases where headaches are felt every day or the symptoms cannot be removed for a long time.

If the pain is accompanied by sharp changes in blood pressure, the patient's condition can facilitate the use of strong tea with sugar or lemon. This method applies only to cases of a sharp decrease in pressure. If the patient complains of symptoms typical of hypertension, in this situation will help the intake of hypotensive drugs. Remember to call an ambulance.

In cases where the causes of pain is experienced stress or fatigue, get help from a restful sleep and tablet formulations, for example, But-shpa, Spazmalgon, Ibuprofen.

medication Ibuprofen headaches

Headache, the causes of which is the violation of the digestive system, can be removed by taking the drugs aimed at treatment of diseases of the digestive tract.

Headache, vomiting and nausea are not the safest combination, so if the cause of such symptoms is unclear for the patient should undergo a full examination.


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