The use of the device “staff” in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

low back pain is a serious breach of normal functioning of the spine, caused by degenerative changes in the structure of the vertebrae. Over time, the symptoms of osteoarthritis become just unbearable, and then used all available methods for the treatment of this disease.

For successful therapy of the cervical and other types of degenerative disc disease are now actively used various physiotherapeutic methods. Through physiotherapy it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the condition of a sick person. One such method is the use of d'arsonval in osteochondrosis.

darsonval osteochondrosis

What is the d'arsonval

The d'arsonval is a portable device, the principle of which is based on the use of pulsed high frequency current of low power. In its design the device can have a different configuration of the electrodes, making it possible to adjust the power of the impact.

So, to start treatment by using the apparatus with 5 minutes and gradually increase to 15 minutes. For ease of use attached to the instrument with various attachments that are designed to impact certain parts of the spine and back.

For regular use at home the unit darsonval can be purchased in specialized stores. However, you must remember that its use has some contraindications and nuances, about which you must consult your doctor or physiotherapist.


Under the influence of the device there is improvement of blood supply to the tissues that surround the damaged vertebrae. Due to the impact of high-frequency current, the blocking of peripheral nerve endings, which helps to relieve pain symptom. Also restoring the metabolism, improves the passage of impulses in nerve roots of the spine.