Therapeutic gymnastics in spondylosis

Gymnastics in spondylosis involves the daily use, the regular approach and the correct execution of the exercises. So only when a long series of exercises, you can prevent pain in the cervical spine, lower back and lower extremities.

Spondylosis occurs on the background of degenerative changes, associated with impaired local microcirculation and nutrients, so there is no etiological treatment. Only a complex exercise therapy is able to prevent the progression of disease and disability.

gymnastics in spondylosis

Effect of exercise therapy

Physiotherapy exercises not only strengthens muscular frame back, but also helps to eliminate the pathological changes of muscular-ligamentous apparatus, which prevents further deposition therein of calcium salts (ossification, calcification). The particular danger these formations are present in the localization in the cervical spine.

The Therapeutic effect of regular exercise therapy can be neutralized by improper position of the back, so it's important to learn to keep posture. For this purpose there is an exercise that needs to be performed several times a week:

  • Stand with your back to the wall;
  • make Sure that the vertical plane in contact with the back of his head, buttocks and heels;
  • Fix the position for 15-20 seconds and then stand back from the wall;
  • Walk around the room, trying to keep the waste position smooth back for 20 minutes.

Over time subconsciously formed the reflex of correct posture. You can then proceed to the main complex.

Base set of exercises

  • Press your hands to the back of the head. Press palm down, trying to shift, but maintain position. Lock position for a few seconds;
  • Stand up straight and drop your hands down. First lift them up through the sides and keep the blades together. Lock position at the top, and then return to the starting position. Follow the same procedure for the arms, recorded in the castle in front of him. Exercise helps to eliminate pain with cervical compression syndrome;
  • Stand near a support (e.g., wall). Perform the leg swings back and forth, but do not bend your back;
  • Squat with feet shoulder width apart, your knees bent as you can while maintaining correct posture
  • Lie on your stomach and extend your arms in front of him. Squeeze the feet together and the arms lift up for a few seconds. Keep exactly the back but do not arch it;
  • Lie on your stomach, lift up your upper body. Push your legs to the floor, the face should look down. Hold for a few seconds in this position and then return to the starting position.

Each exercise of the above complex should be performed at 5-7 approaches. Only after that you can add new moves. The positive effect of the above exercises will give after a few weeks in the form of reducing the pain.

In the complex of therapeutic exercises should be added the maximum number of exercises aimed at the curvature of the affected spinal segment. So, if there is cervical spondylosis, should include exercises with rotation of the head. Pathology in the thoracic region requires frequent rotations of the shoulders and twisting the torso.

The Effectiveness of exercise therapy for ossification of ligaments increases swimming the "crawl". However, before using it must carefully assess the condition of the spinal column to select individual elements of the style that will help in each situation.

Exercises for cervical and other spine

Exercises for spondylosis should be aimed at elimination of the progression of pathology of the vertebral column, so there are different exercises for cervical, thoracic and lumbar types of the disease.

With the localization of osteophytes in the cervical spine:

  • Operates head turns first to the left hand, and then to the right. Upper limb position on the back of his head. Hold the position for each side for 5-7 seconds;

When the ossification in the thoracic part of the vertebral column:

  • In a standing position drop your hands down and then lift them up through the sides. Try to stretch the top of the head, but do not bend the lower back;
  • Take gymnastic stick and lift it over his head. Lower back and keep the position for 5-7 seconds. Then return to the starting position;

In spondylosis of the lumbar spine:

  • Lying on your back, put your hands behind your head. Perform twisting of the casing to the right and to the left. Slowly return to the starting position.

Exercises during spondylosis with regular and proper execution allows you to quickly prevent further ossification of ligaments and reduce the pain intensity.