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Features, indications and contraindications to shock wave therapy

One of the modern methods of physiotherapy treatment is shock wave therapy. Its effect is based on the work of sound waves of low frequency. The procedures are performed only in medical institutions at home do not make them, as it requires professional equipment.

the Problem of pain in the spine

Characteristics of infrasound

The Shock wave therapy works on the basis of infrasound with frequency of 16 Hz and a person does not distinguish. You can sense his actions only when there is a resonance with some internal organs, such as lungs, esophagus or other hollow bodies.

due To the fact that in nature, these waves occur during various disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, therefore, the human body perceives them as a threat. In everyday life, such waves can publish, such as washing machine, refrigerator. If the long infrasound affects humans, it can cause a feeling of depression. Often the effect of infrasound used by police to disperse demonstrations.

features of shock-wave therapy

In medicine, the action of infrasound is used during the SWT (shock wave therapy).

The action of the waves on the human body leads to increased blood circulation and loosening areas of calcification.

Shock wave therapy in the modern medicine are used in the following diseases:

  1. Contracture of the joints, its application allows to improve the nutrition of tissues by increasing blood circulation, ligaments become more flexible, which ensures normal movement of the joint.
  2. Indications for use will be the presence of calcification of the articular cartilage, and when their degeneration, the method allows to destroy the crystals of CA and its use together with other methods leads to the recovery of joint tissue.
  3. it is Effective and during rehabilitation after fractures, as the damaged tissue faster, which is achieved through improved blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.
  4. In combination with other methods UHT is used to destroy fat deposits and fibrosis in the adipose tissue, resulting in the restoration of adipose tissue and bringing it back to normal, at home it is not applied.
  5. Indications for use will be the presence of bedsores, ulcers or other damage to the skin, as this method allows for more rapid regeneration of the skin, but to the infected wounds, it can not be used.
  6. Effectively helps to destroy kidney stones, so in many cases you can do without surgical intervention.

Schematic representation of shock wave therapy

Contraindications for use and side effects

Although SWT is used in combination with other methods in treating many diseases but there are diseases in which its action will be ineffective. This, for example, intervertebral hernia. In this case, pain arises due to the fact that the deformed disc pinches the spinal nerve root and resolve it with the help of infrasound will not work.

When the sciatica pain arises due to the fact that there is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The use of the UFT will increase blood flow, and since there is inflammation, it can even more increase.

Using the method of shock wave therapy is safe, but only if, when used within the conditions of its use and everything is carried out in specialized medical institution, at home to apply it.

When executing this procedure, the infrasound affects the entire body, so before applying must pass a full examination and only after that the doctor will be able to arrange some of the UFT. In home to apply this method cannot, as it is performed on special equipment and under the supervision of a qualified physician.

Full medical check-up before the UFT

Contraindications to.

Contraindications for its use will be the following factors and diseases:

  1. If the woman is pregnant.
  2. does Not apply to children and adolescents, while the growth zones of the bones uncovered. In this case, the age after which you can use shock wave therapy, is determined individually as areas of bone growth of each person are closed at different ages. In some people it happens in 17 years, others can last up to 23 years if age to apply UHT, it can stop bone growth that often leads to a variety of deformations.
  3. If the person is using a pacemaker, the use of infrasound will lead to interference in the said instrument orthe failure, which is unacceptable.
  4. it is Impossible to impact in the head area, as with long-term effect of infrasound can rupture blood vessels and may even cause a stroke.
  5. you can't affect the intestines, lungs, and large vessels, as the infrasonic wave may cause their increase that will lead to rupture, and in the vessels can form thrombosis.
  6. When the action in the field of oncological diseases due to the increase in blood circulation, may increase tumor and its transition to other organs.
  7. If the bad coagulability of blood, from the effects of shock waves the blood vessels can be damaged and there is bleeding, large hematoma.
  8. Act directly on the nerves or plexus can result in temporary paresis and in this area the sensitivity will be lost.
  9. Contraindications for use will be the presence of inflammation or infection, because increased blood circulation leads to its spreading throughout the body, so cannot use this method.
  10. Although some non-specialists prescribe the conduct of the UFT in the treatment of spondylosis and spondylarthrosis, most doctors do not recommend it. There is a chance that it will get damaged intervertebral discs, the spinal cord or nerve roots. In the spine increases the blood flow, which often leads to the formation in the body of the spine hemangiomas and vascular network grows.

UHT Contraindications in pregnancy

If you follow all recommendations on the use of shock wave therapy, the side effects from her little will be, they can only manifest itself in the form of minor aches and pains of muscles in the affected area, as well as fatigue or headaches.

Particular treatment

This method of treatment is a good alternative to surgery. Due to its effectiveness, the UFT is becoming more popular and successfully competes with other conservative treatment methods.

Sometimes patients do not complete the course of treatment, as the first session very often have pain, which is caused by the action of infrasound, the pain may be not only during the procedure but also after it. This leads to the fact that some patients do not want to undergo this treatment and willfully refuse it.

With each subsequent procedure such pain become smaller and then disappear completely. If you have high threshold of sensitivity and you are not able for some time to suffer the pain, you will have to use other methods that are used during the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Sessions of the UFT should be carried out not earlier, than in day. This is necessary to ensure that there was a complete regeneration of tissues. When you run this procedure on the day a person should drink plenty of fluids (at least 2.5-3 liters). This will ensure the normal excretion of metabolic products. Treatments are held in a room with a certain temperature to encourage the exchange of blood. In the course of therapy, it is necessary to subject the body to physical loads, it is necessary to do Jogging, fitness, swimming.

If the treatment is performed by a highly qualified specialist in compliance with all rules and regulations, the positive effect of the use of the UFT is observed in 90-95% of all patients.

Based on the information received, it can be concluded that the use of shock wave therapy as a treatment method, effective in many diseases, but it is not necessary to perceive it as a method of treatment for all diseases. Its use poses many risks, therefore, assign the specified procedure should a qualified physician, after conducting a full examination of the patient, to use it at home impossible.