Possible causes of sudden headache

Many people are sometimes concerned about a sharp headache. Headache is a symptom of many diseases, so I can't tell you why.

Symptoms headache

Not all pills will help

since the head is the most important part of the body, its treatment should be approached with the utmost seriousness. There is a picture that patients often do not seek medical attention to determine the problem and take pills.

Although the tablet relieves the attack, but the disease does not disappear, but soon again give himself to know. It is even Possible that the patient so their behavior is losing valuable days which could help to resume normal life. Malaise can be observed in occipital and frontal part of the head. Different area pain characterizes individual root causes. But certain – you need to know to cope with the problem.

causes of pain in the frontal region

The cause of the pain associated with both internal state of the person and outside influence.

Sinusitis is the cause of pain in the frontal part of the head

Therefore, to characterize pain, there are several causes of ailments, and they are:

  1. the Pain, which is observed in the temples and frontal part, often talks about the psychological stress. This condition characterizes headache and nausea. In humans, there is a feeling of tightening of the head and blunt shrinking feeling;
  2. because of the stress some people experience stress, which is reflected in the head. Muscle tension of the scalp and neck squeezes the nerve endings, and they are in the sign of the protesters served pain signals
  3. Intracranial pressure also contributes to the malaise in my head. People who are at increased or reduced pressure, feel the slightest change in weather and mental state. Headache and nausea accompanies the patient to normalize blood pressure. Such diseases are characterized by a bursting sensation in frontal and temporal part of the head;
  4. Sinusitis is a disease, when in the sinuses is going to highlight that impede breathing. Although the pain of such unclear nature and location, but often gives back exactly in the frontal part of the head. The fact that can be inflamed sinuses and frontal. In the latter case, the inflammation occurs in a more severe form. There is increased body temperature and General malaise;
  5. Migraine is a disease characterized by severe beating in one place point pain. It feels like something is pulsating in my head. The condition of the headache is aggravated by vomiting. The disease was severe by the fact that such strong feelings are not able to tolerate, you should immediately remove spasm. This disease has a genetic predisposition and chronic.

Headache can occur in all forms of stroke, both ischemic (transient ischemic attack, ischemic stroke) and hemorrhagic (bleeding in the brain). However, the frequency and intensity significantly higher in hemorrhagic strokes.

Headache in the cerebral circulation

Typically, the headache occurs during or immediately after acute disorders of cerebral circulation. The duration of headache does not usually exceed one month.

The Headache that is of concern to stroke patients, can be not only a direct consequence of vascular brain damage. If, before the stroke, there was some form of headache, e.g., migraine, after stroke, it may resume or even increase.

Infectious diseases that afflict people, also has a negative impact on the patient's head. A feeling as if followed by a blow with a blunt object. This pain is felt at an elevated temperature and intoxication infection.

The Main and first symptom of many illnesses – ailments related to the head of the patient.

If a headache in a child?

Even the smallest often suffer from such discomfort. Though maybe they don't understand what happens to them, but I feel painful spasms. Child needs rest, can't be too demanding. If the adult cannot tolerate such a malaise and wants to hide from everyone, how the child is feeling?

Headache in a child because cob

Children can make a pain of yourself, for example, somewhere to go. Depending on where the hit was observed malaise, often accompanied by headache and nausea.

The Child, as an adult, could face a problem with intracranial pressure. Today children are born with this diagnosis and constantly experience its effects. In such cases unpleasant sensations are localized in the frontal part and pay in whiskey.

The Child was difficult to control his emotions and sometimes they have a negative impact on health. Too emotional people suffer from psychological problems.Problems at school can bring a child from mental trauma, which gives you a symptom like pain in the head. Parents do not need to trample on your child, on the contrary, it is necessary to help solve the slightest problem.

Stress at school sometimes characterized by headache and nausea. Because of the significant internal experience reflected in the mind and transferred the spasm. In this condition the child is helpless and needs the mother's regret.

access to a doctor to determine the cause of your headaches

every year the disease younger and now not only adults can endure these ailments, but still little children. It's all in our environment and foods we consume. The slightest poisoning, at first glance, it may seem a minor problem, but for kids – this is a disaster. Inflammation of the intestinal tract gives a signal to the brain, which may produce spasm and deprive the child of carelessness.

When parents notice that the spasm is repeated several times, you need to go to the doctor and find the cause of ailments.

With a child the same story, but it is advisable not to pull, because the pain pills bad impact on the health of the baby.

Although the symptom they will remove, but other organs suffer.

With a child can be a problem, as it doesn't always tell mommy about the bad health, fear of going to the doctor. Therefore, it is necessary to support children with live chat. So, if anything, you knew about the ailments of the baby. If observed headache and nausea is a reason to consult a pediatrician.

During physical activity can be felt dizziness and bouts of sickness – it is the bells that indicate some disease. Perhaps it is problems with blood vessels, which for a long time will not give a quiet life to the child and parents.

So any kind of ailment can't be tolerated, and should seek qualified help.