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Why the child has a headache and what to give him for the pain?

If your child has a headache, give out medications to relieve the symptom? Both adults and children often suffer from headaches. Our environment affects everyone, not sparing even the little ones. Discomfort may occur at a very early age.

the Problem of headache in child

On the first call my mother want to help your child to relieve headache. But in this case it should be remembered that children are not miniature replicas of the adult and that parents, not always you can drink for children. Therefore, it is necessary to first know the cause of the ailment, and then begin to act.

Causes of headaches in children

It's too bad that a very early age children is afflicted with a trouble of this disease. Each new generation is much weaker than the previous one.

And it is necessary to consider under different circumstances. Our children can't be at the level of the parents, and not because I don't want to, but simply they are weaker both physically and emotionally. Among the common reasons due to which headache, emit the following:Heredity is one of causes of headache in child

  1. an Unbalanced diet. Striking is the fact that the child may suffer from headache already from the cradle. When a mother carries her baby, she holds a special balanced diet so the baby is born healthy. But if a woman is not serious about their health and the health of your baby, then the baby having problems. Improper nutrition leads to lower level of glucose in the blood, and this affects brain activity of the child. Moreover, the problems can be not only with the processes in the brain, but also with the development of the child.
  2. the Factor of heredity. Scientists claim that this ailment like a migraine, it's very easy to switch from mother to child. Chronic headache provokes an inadequate amount of serotonin. If it is lacking in the mother, the child wonder of this component will not appear. So now you need to learn how to control pain in the future to protect their child from their existence. Problems with blood vessels may also be transmitted from mother to baby. High or low blood pressure causes bouts of pain in the head.
  3. Injuries. Since children can't sit still and constantly moving, they often fall and hit your head. After this incident the start of pain. Of course, this happens immediately, so parents do not pay enough attention. Headache in a child after an injury can indicate a serious problem that needs to be treated. So if your kid got hurt, and especially hit the head, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and take a snapshot to prevent bruises and fractures.
  4. Stress in life. Surprisingly, even young children are affected by stress from the environment. Such a problem for your baby can be a conflict in a kindergarten or school when the other kids hurt him. For us, maybe it's a little thing, but for the kid who takes everything to heart. If your child already goes to school, the stress of classes and homework can also cause headaches. The fact that the school curriculum each year is complicated and children are not able physically to absorb all the material. A lot of information and excessive demands provoke a nervous breakdown that can cause many diseases. Because of problems in the body of a toddler manifests a lack of endorphins, which gives satisfaction in life and gives joy. So parents need to listen to their children and help to fight stress and stressful situations from childhood.

diseases of catarrhal nature.

All kinds of colds a great impact on the health of the child. When the temperature is raised, you feel unwell, aching, not only the body, but often pain's head. Particularly acute pain occurs when the child begins to sneeze or cough.

due to colds affected trigeminal nerve, this unhealthy condition causes the pain. The head can hurt because of a pinched spinal nerve. This sort of pain is very acute and prolonged.

Thus, many factors can affect the condition of the baby.

Unbalanced diet is one of the causes of headache in child

How to help your child, not to harm different drugs? Because every parent should know that a child should not be ingesting pills. Many of them are contraindicated to children, as they have not so strong the liver and kidney.

What to do if your child has a headache

You Need to know what exactly caused this condition. If it's still a head injury, you should immediately consult a doctor because the blood vessels in the head can burst and cause bleeding or severe bruising. With head injuries it is better notmake jokes there is no of medical care can not cope. Do not pull, otherwise the consequences could be dire.

When the reason is different, then the mother can handle. Whatever caused the ailment in the child, it is best to give him time to relax. Put your baby to bed and let sleep for several hours. Often headache disappears by itself after a good rest. To a kid sleep, you can brew mint tea for him.

Paracetamol for headache in a child

If the migraine attack, it is necessary to change the mode of the day. The fresh air will help to nourish the body with oxygen and to prevent starvation of the brain. The nature around provides a sedative effect and has a positive effect on mood. Proper nutrition also plays an important role. It is recommended to drink chamomile or mint tea. It is a sedative, blunting any spasm and while they are pleasant to the taste. Head massage can help relieve the first signs of pain or to lessen its manifestation.

All these methods help only after prolonged use. But if the child feels an attack of acute pain, it won't lead to walk. In this case it is necessary to remove the symptom. Not all medications are suitable for the baby. The safest cure for a headache is tylenol, which is prescribed even for toddlers. It is a liquid suspension that is pleasant to the taste, so the child will drink it with pleasure. It is the cure against the inflammatory process, temperature, and any manifestations of pain.

When the pain strong gravity take Paracetamol, which is safe for the baby. Also non-steroidal drug Ibuprofen, which relieves symptoms and blocks the attack.

In No case should not give his son or daughter any pain killer what is in the medicine Cabinet.

for Example, Aspirin which usually helps adults, is contraindicated in children.

Of Course, to choose the right method of treatment if the pain recurs frequently, you should consult a doctor. Because only a professional can tell what is the problem baby. And then after passing the tests and passing the diagnosis the doctor will prescribe you an effective treatment.

The Nature of pain can be very different. You need to find an effective and proper treatment to prevent discomfort in the future.