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The value, characteristics and formation of correct posture of exercise

Correct posture is more beautiful than the back. With spinal curvature, a certain asymmetry of the back muscles are formed by the displacement of almost all the internal organs. The consequences of these changes cannot be assumed even the most skilled practitioner. Let us consider the features of pathology.

How to hold your posture and to diagnose its changes

What is the importance of posture to health

A good posture is not innate. People in the process of life every day "loads" the back. It's endurance greatly depends on the condition of the spine and muscular system of the back.

In the spinal canal of the spine are many nerve fibers, which Innervate all internal organs. Consequently, any offset can cause compression syndrome (impairment of nerve fibers).

What influences the formation of posture:

  • state of the skeletal muscles of the back;
  • Features and nature of daily physical activity;
  • the Blood supply of the vertebral column;
  • power Quality
  • the Correctness of the gait;
  • Organization bed.

All these features influence the “viability of the organism”. This concept introduced by scientists and recommended for use by doctors to assess the likelihood of deformities of the spine, if the patient has scoliosis.

The Formation of a correct posture largely depends on the standards for men and women. What standards are used by doctors to assess the likelihood of curvatures of the spine:

  1. Growth;
  2. Weight;
  3. Proportions of the body,
  4. Position of bodies.

The Resilience is reduced when the variance in height and mass. The first indicator affects the formation of the muscular corset. With a low growth of skeletal muscles are developed more weakly, and at high – it's too much "stretched" when moving and turns of the trunk.

Excessive weight makes it difficult for the disease. It reduces propulsion and power capabilities of the muscle corset back. On this background the probability of a curvature of the spine increases.

Low weight contributes to the fact that the musculature operates in "fast mode". While the load on the bones is reduced. In this situation muscles are warm and fluid, but have a reduced reserve capacity.

Different proportions of the body at the same height and weight in men and women individually affect the ability to properly hold back. If a person has a large belly and weak Constitution, a tendency to deformation of the spinal column increased.

A Wide pelvis and weak leg misshapen waist. Powerful chest with the weakness of the abdominal muscles in men is also accompanied by similar changes. Such distortions reduce the viability of the organism, therefore, must be equalized. Otherwise, in the process of life it will be difficult to expect the formation of the correct posture.

The Bodies must be properly oriented relative to each other. In a given situation will shift the center of gravity of the human body. In this case, all the load will be distributed between the legs, pelvis and spine with the violation of the damping and spring function. The changes appear in the joints, lower back pain, and the offset tilt of the pelvis will be the natural outcome of the disease.

How to estimate the displacement of the axis of the spine

What should be the posture of the child sitting at the table
Correct posture is the ideal position of the spine, internal organs and legs, which ideally distributes the inertial load during movement. To learn how to achieve proper posture, you should consider all elements that affect its formation:

  1. Skeletal muscle
  2. Bone-joint system;
  3. Ligaments.

The Physiological position of the body can occur when a person is standing straight with toes divorced feet at an angle of 45 degrees and reduced heels. The axis of the spine in this position is placed along the vertical plane. There are other tokens:

  • Symmetry of the girdle of upper extremities
  • Lack of inclination of the pelvis;
  • Normal shape of the feet (not "O" or "X");
  • Uniform arrangement of the joints of the lower extremities in the horizontal plane.

To learn how to develop the right posture, you should first assess the condition of your body and then increase its resilience. For assessment applies a number of tests:

  • the Easiest way: stand with your back to the wall and estimate the distance between them. If the space between the wall and the back does not pass the hand, then the posture is correct. When standing, you must breed socks, closed heel, put your hands on seams
  • the Second test. In proper position will appreciate the symmetry of anatomical structures: Kozelkov ears, shoulder girdle, hip, knee and ankle joints;
  • Third test: tie the load to the rope, hanging vertically. It will bethe reference point that determines whether there is the axis of the spine;
  • In severe degree of stoop of the observed protrusions and depressions in the chest and back, the navel is repositioned from the centre of the abdomen, the corners of the blades are also raised.

These tests must be run annually, since over time there is loss of flexibility, weakening of the muscular system and bone softening. Correct posture in children does not mean that over the years they will not be slouching or spinal deformities. To avoid pathologies, it is necessary to know how to develop the habit keep your back straight.

How to hold back

After evaluating the anatomical features of the body, you can begin to correct the pathological level, resulting in stooped posture, spinal deformity and disturbance of the spring function of the body.

  • If a certain asymmetry of the shoulder girdle should do the exercise "spring" daily. Let's assume that from the ceiling falls a spring pulling your body up. The regularity of observance of positions will teach you to keep your back straight;
  • When the curvature of the lower extremities is disturbed depreciation function of the spine. To correct the pathology, when walking properly distribute weight on your feet. Expand your shoulders and chest raised upwards make;
  • In a standing position, slightly tense your muscles and pull the stomach up, if you have the offset of the belly button of the vertical line;
  • When the curvature of the spine (scoliosis, Hyper-kyphosis) often lean on the back similar to the position used for postural evaluations. Try tightly fix the plane back to the wall;

The Value of correct posture for health must not be forgotten in daily work:

  • If you spend much time on the feet periodically lift them on the chair. This will take pressure off the muscles and eliminate stagnation;
  • When your work involves long sitting position, properly organize the working place. The chair should have armrests that allow you to evenly distribute the load on the shoulder girdle on both sides. The seat back should be firmly fixed in position
  • To form a good posture, you cannot forget about the importance of blood supply in the spinal column. Move frequently to prevent congestive changes;
  • Correctly arrange a bed. Do not skimp on orthopedic pillows, mattresses and the zones;
  • Do the exercises for a correct posture on a daily basis.

For women, there are some recommendations:

  • the Bra should not pull the shoulders down;
  • High heels better not to abuse it. If you want to show off in them for a short time, remember that after removing the shoes, you need to give your feet a rest within the hour. To do this, place them above heart level (on a chair or coffee table);
  • If you have an infant, do not wear it for a long time on the hands.

To form a correct posture in children of school age, should develop a landing behind a school Desk. Teach your child to ensure that the body does not fit tightly to the table, and rested back in his chair the entire surface. Explain that hands should be kept exactly in the horizontal plane that the shoulder belt does not shift.

set of exercises for the back

There is a special complex of exercises for the correction of deformities of the back:

  • relax your shoulders Constantly. His hands push at the seams, and follow the mixing and retraction of the blades back. The duration of daily reps – 15-20;
  • Straighten your back. The principles of this complex is similar to the previous one, but note the blades is added to the lead shoulder forward;
  • Shake shoulders 3-4 times: lift shoulders up and down;
  • effectively stooping Against the exercise "cat". For its implementation should stand on all fours and arch your back up, in the same manner as does the cat. Pull your stomach in and count to 10. Then return to the starting position. Repeat 4 times a day for 8 repetitions

There is a special power exercises to improve the functionality of the muscles and enhance the flexibility of ligaments. They are at the gym and under the supervision of doctors, as exists the danger of crack formation in the musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

To strengthen the muscle corset back is a good idea to buy a treadmill or elliptical combined type. Everyday activities they help to improve blood flow to the spine and to strengthen the skeletal muscles, which will keep the spine in the correct position.

Instead of a conclusion: the signs of correct posture over the years, less and less pleased with the man. Unfortunately, during a daily working lives we rarely think about their own health. As a result, in 30-40 years there is pain in the lower back, and in 60-70 years – involuntary urination and defecation spinal etiology.