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What is the hypotonia of the muscles, what are its causes, symptoms and treatment?

To hypotonia of the muscles characterized by their weakness. Many parents are happy that the child is inactive and most of the time sleeping. This is not the norm. The hypotonia and calm your baby – completely different concepts. Muscle weakness leads to the fact that the child is almost not moving.

Symptoms of hypotonia of the muscles

Muscle tone of the child

In the period of development in the womb the baby is constantly in a bent position. While his muscles remain in tension throughout the pregnancy. A few months after birth a baby still adheres to allotted to him in the womb pose. Normal muscles should not be subjected to strong tension. Before the year is an increase of muscle tone. Gradually, this figure begins to decline.

There are several main types of muscle tone:

  • normal;
  • hypertonicity
  • hypotonia
  • asymmetry
  • dystonia.

the child with normal muscle tone in the body is in a horizontal position, while he unbent head, torso and legs. If the baby is compressed and all attempts to straighten it, responds by crying, excessive voltage is fixed. When the baby is limp and easily lends itself to any manipulation, it is customary to fix his hypotonia.

examination of the child physician

The asymmetry of the tone of a child on one half of the body is much higher than on the other. The head and torso of the baby can be turned to the tense muscles.

All these States cannot be left without proper attention. The baby should be seen by a specialist. To cope with the situation independently, but this should confirm the diagnosis.

Main causes of hypotonia

The Violation of muscle tone caused by problems with the Central nervous system. In most cases, the condition develops before birth. This process can be affected:

  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the mother during period of gestation of the child;
  • induction of labor
  • abuse addiction;
  • taking some medicines.

A Violation is observed in the first years of life. This is due to ischemic encephalopathy. This process is a brain damage due to hypoxia and ischemia.

There are a number of diseases can cause impaired muscle tone. Often this is due to poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy, congenital myopathy and botulism.

Hypotonia in children may develop due to toxic disorders in neuro-muscular transmission. It is able to trigger tools based on the magnesium taken by mothers while carrying a child.

diabetes mellitus as a cause of hypotonia of the muscles

body toning is possible in the brain. This can be trauma, infection, or cerebral palsy.

Dystonia is a pathological postures, in which there is a simultaneous contraction of the muscles. While the body is twisted or bent along the axis, is not excluded, and slurred speech.

Definition of muscle hypotonia is an important process. This will help to identify the root causes of education problems and to resolve them before until the changes do not become dangerous.

Methods of dealing with the pathology of

Today, there are a few basic ways of dealing with hypotonia, which are based on massage and perform certain therapeutic exercises. The treatment involved a pediatric neurologist. Procedures can be performed only after proper diagnosis. A set of exercises and measures to combat hypotonia is assigned on an individual basis.

The Complex correction includes:

  • acupuncture
  • exercise therapy
  • massage
  • physiotherapy
  • aromatherapy.

massage for the muscle hypotonia

If you follow all the expert advice, visible results can be achieved after 3 months. The child will gradually begin to move the limbs.

Massage therapy for the hypotonia is an important component of comprehensive treatment.

he is considered one of the most effective ways of correction. It is carried out by a doctor and under its control. Massage directed at stimulation of locomotor activity and normalization of trophism. Stroking, rubbing, tweaking and kneading of the muscles will allow to achieve tangible results. Massage movements should be intense and deep. Conduct should be phalanges of fingers and hands. This worked out all the bioactive points. The correct muscles will allow you to return them to normal tone.

The duration of the massage your doctor. The average course of treatment does not exceed 15 visits. Usually after it observed visible improvement. If the child during the massage, experiencing discomfort and capricious, it is better to postpone everything until the right moment.

For maximum effect you need to combine massage with physical therapy. Action gymnastics is directed on strengthening of muscles. To performexercises is possible at home. To do this, parents must follow a specific algorithm. First, to dissolve hands in the parties and make left right, left right. Perform exercises like Boxing, and pull the baby up, holding him by the upper limb.

To Try to self-treat child endangerment. Indeed, the cause of his condition may be severe.