How to do massage from the cervical chondrosis

Manual therapy in the chondrosis has a positive effect on blood flow, relieves pain and speeds up the overall normalization of the spine. Massage is recommended both for prevention and for the treatment of patients with cervical chondrosis and other spine.

Properly done massage reduces muscular tension, which leads to static disorders in the spine. If the abnormal muscle spasm caused by spinal deformities bone, he will periodically return, so sessions of manual therapy should take place systematically.

massage for the cervical chondrosis

specific procedures

For massage of the cervical ridge of the patient chondrosis should be laid. If this is not possible, then massage the neck and back of the patient in the sitting position. It uses a special chair. During the session it is necessary to achieve the greatest possible relaxation of the back muscles, neck muscles and body in General. This is the main condition for massage.

performance Technique

The patient's Muscles should be well warmed up. To do this, to begin therapy with strokes from the neck area to the axillary and lymph nodes. After that, the planar stroking with his palms, stroking the comb. Should be ironed from the seventh vertebra of the cervical spine, moving to the periphery of the back.

Then there is the technique of "squeezing": the person doing the massage, puts across the neck of the patient's hand (fingers together) and moves along the ridge down towards the trapezius muscles. By "squeezing" you can act on lower layers of the skin. Also, this technique can be performed with the edge of the brush to the shoulder joint. In the neck area to "squeeze" in the direction from the fourth thoracic vertebra to the shoulder joint.

massage from a chondrosisAfter pats and "squeezing" is necessary to pass to the exposure of deeper layers by grinding. Its purpose is to warm-up and relaxation of the muscles of the neck and collar area. On the neck this technique need to start at the point of attachment of the muscle to the back of the head (near the base of the skull). Perform with fingertips in circular and straight movements. The hand should glide over the body, shifting the skin. His fingers pounded the area from the neck to the periphery.

In the neck area should use the technique of sawing. This technique is performed the following way: the palm placed on edge parallel to each other and are "sawing" motion.

To influence the muscles and ligaments, is the technique of "kneading". He does so: the muscle is captured, recorded and warming up. In the neck the appointment is made longitudinally by a circular motion.

To End the massage the patient with chondrosis in the cervical spine should receive the "vibration". Neck and collar zone is performed "shake" (continuous vibration) and "hack" (continuous vibration).

Can you do

Not everyone has the opportunity to systematically go for a massage to the professional. In this case, the person with the cervical chondrosis can help themselves by producing a simple massage in the neck area by using hands or massager.

The Session should be sitting, preferably at the same time to relax. First is effleurage of the neck and collar zone hands: hands are placed on the back of the neck by clasping movements effleurage is performed.

Next you need to perform circular rubbing the tips of his fingers, shifting the skin. Carefully massage all the painful point. Kneading is performed in the technique of crushing-squeezing. Between the vertebral bodies of the cervical and thoracic spine was done by "drilling" with your fingertips.

To completely relax with a neck massage when chondrosis, you can buy a special tumbler that can be attached to the back of the chair in the workplace, in the car or at home. This massager is battery powered and has the form of small pillows. So, for example, driving a car, a person will receive effective massage of the neck muscles, neck and shoulder massage, while the massager does not affect the driver's attention.

This massager helps to get rid of migraine, which often occurs because of chondrosis in the cervical spine.