How to choose a good latch posture

The Locking posture (corset, reclinator, a bandage) is used to maintain the spine in the correct position. The product allows you to relieve stress from tense muscles, so appointed doctors when slouching, the initial stages of kyphoscoliosis (excessive protrusion of the thoracic kyphosis with its displacement in the lateral plane).

select-down posture should be based on the purpose of its implementation

How are the latches posture

The locking posture, depending on the mechanism of action are divided into:

  • Therapeutic
  • Prevention.

Therapeutic have 3 degrees of hardness:

  • Easy – made from elastic fabrics with limited stretch (rubber latex, cotton fabric, leather). These models are mainly designed to maintain the spine and prevent further deformation in pathological distortion;
  • Average – the products are designed to relieve hypertonicity of the muscle corset back with adjust his mobility. These models do not break the heart;
  • Strong – this product contains metal and plastic inserts. They strongly limit the mobility of the spine and can impair the functioning of the heart. They cannot be bought in specialized stores, because the products are made on the recommendation of a doctor.

The Therapeutic effect of posture of locks based on the mechanism of remembering "physiological state". After 3-4 months of constant wear at the person the habit of holding a flat back. The effect is accelerated during exercise physical therapy.

Preventive models can be purchased in any specialty store. They are designed to maintain the correct axis of the spine and prevent further deformation. You should not rely on the therapeutic effect of preventive products, as they will not eliminate the existing deformation of the vertebral column.

the Impact of orthopedic products to the spine

The Clips, correctors, bandages, corsets, reclinators – the main mechanism of action of orthopedic products is the correction of spinal deformities. There are other effects of the devices on human health:

  • Elimination of pain in the back, neck, lower back and chest. This mechanism is due to the removal of the load from the vertebrae when wearing retainers
  • Fix slouching is achieved by restoring the correct position of the vertebrae;
  • Due to the unfolding of the shoulder girdle, align the latches of the back orthopedic posture improve the appearance of the person;
  • Normalization of blood supply is achieved by the use of these products by removing the pressure of the venous trunks of the spine, which are infringed in violation of posture.

How to wear orthopedic braces for the back

When choosing a device, you must focus on the following indicators:

  • Weight and height
  • the Severity of spine deformation;
  • Anatomical features of the human body;
  • Mechanism of action of the product.

Certified lock has a dimension table that is specified on the package. Be aware that the device worn over cotton underwear, should therefore be wider by 1-2 cm waist or chest (depending on the purpose of the model).

When wearing the product it is necessary that his back was always tight. The only way to ensure its correcting effect on the spine.

Before wearing the product it is necessary that the body got used to the additional accessory of clothing. To do this, first the retainer is worn for 3-4 hours. Every day his socks extended by 15 minutes until you reach about 6-7 hours.

There are health risks if you continuously wear the retainer. The back muscles get used to supporting it, so refuse to work (and relax muscles atrophy). To prevent this from happening, you should periodically remove the product and to do therapeutic exercises for the back muscles.

Wash device better hands when the water temperature is not more than 35 degrees Celsius. To Unscrew it cannot, like iron. After washing quite simple drying model.

Contraindications to wearing

There are several contraindications when the course of pathology may be exacerbated:

  • Lateral deformation of the sternum
  • cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, stenocardia);
  • Skin lesions
  • Intolerance and allergic reactions to materials of the product.

Cannot be considered a lock to posture remedy that will effectively cope with the asynchrony of skeletal muscles when stooping. Doctors prescribe it for posture correction in combination with other methods of treating the pathology (gymnastics, manual therapy, osteopathy).

Classification of products for fixingspine

There are several varieties of locking products for the spine:

  • Locking mechanism with short straps. The appearance model consists of several cross straps, which are tightly fixed stomach area and shoulders (depending on destination). Functional task of this design – the abstraction back of the shoulder girdle and blades;
  • Concealer broad straps is located along the entire length of the back. Used in spinal deformity, accompanied by its distortion;
  • Items with a large insert used in the presence of pain in the lower back on the background of the incorrect posture. The model allows to perfectly maintain the tone of muscles of the back and abdominal muscles.

Modern posture clamps have padded shoulder straps with adjustable length, which makes the product versatile. They are not noticeable under clothing and absolutely hygienic for human skin.

The Cost of modern retainer equal to from 800 to 3500 Russian roubles. However, if desired, it can be done independently. You need only an elastic bandage.

The process of manufacturing the retainer consists of the following steps:

  • Apply a bandage to the thoracic spine shoulder blades;
  • One end swipe through the axillary region, and shoulder;
  • Both ends "oblate" across the shoulders in the form of numeral "8";
  • Then the ends of the bandage obviate the abdomen, passing them through the axillary region;
  • Secure all the ends on my stomach or back.

Despite the useful properties of clamps posture, alone they do not resolve the pathology, but merely prevent curvature of the spine. To eliminate the deformation necessary comprehensive treatment. The only way to cope with the problem of slouching and improper posture.