What drugs are used for injections and injections into the joint in osteoarthritis of the knee?

One of the methods of treatment of destruction of cartilage tissue is associated with injections to the joint with arthrosis of the knee joint. To this disease causes multiple causes: increased body mass, age-related changes of cartilage and tissue, professional sports, and more. Illness plagues him constant pain.

Symptoms of gonarthrosis

Not only injection into the knee joint are used as an aid to the patient. The injections are intramuscular and intravenous. What is needed, the doctor chooses. Doctors believe that it is impossible to improve the condition of the patient only therapeutic methods. Without injections can not do.

intra-Articular drug delivery

Intra-Articular injections have many advantages compared to other methods of treatment. They facilitate sufferings of the patient, removing pain. Used medications have a long resorption time, approximately up to one year. They act on all tissues of the cartilage, it does not affect the work of other bodies, as it is not capable of significant penetration into the blood stream. They are used in many related diseases, even with those that interfere with treatment by other methods.

the Use of Methylprednisolone in the treatment of osteoarthritis

But there are injection and some disadvantages. Main one is: there is no opportunity to enter the drug in small or located far enough away joint. If it is not available for penetration of the needle, it is possible to produce the procedure will not work.

There is one significant drawback, very dangerous. With the introduction of the drug there is a possibility of complications of an infectious nature.

Specialist most convenient to put the shot in the knee. Other joints are more difficult to access.

Introduce drugs remove the pain. After they disappear some symptoms of the disease. But the problem not solve all injections.

Stage of deformation in the knee joint arthrosis

Intra-Articular injections should not be done often. It not only will not help, rather hurt. Therefore they are prescribed in extreme cases.

The Indications for intra-articular injections are swelling of the joint and the appearance of the liquid in it. If for any reasons it is impossible to carry out physiotherapy, may be prescribed injections.

After the injection relief immediately, but in about a week. At this time the conduction of therapeutic interventions. They are able to prevent the development of disease.

The injection of drugs is limited by certain rules. Among them are the following:

  1. an Injection in the knee joint you cannot do more than 1 time a week. This is due to the fact that the act drug begins not earlier than 7 days after the injection.
  2. the Drug should be replaced by another if, after its introduction, no relief after the first 7-10 days after the injection. It is possible that it is not in the drug, but the fact that it was introduced not in the area that is inflamed. Should more accurately conduct the procedure.
  3. In one joint is not more than 6 injections per course of treatment. Otherwise there can be complications.

intra-Articular injection of drugs in osteoarthritis

What drugs are used for injections??

This treatment is used not one drug, but several species, such as glucocorticoid hormones.

These medications have on the patient's joint anti-inflammatory effect. The pain gradually begins to decrease already after 2 days after injection. Begins to subside redness, swelling takes place. A positive result lasts about a month, and then disappears.

Among the drugs in this group are Betamethasone, Methylprednisolone. They are effective for pain, but have disadvantages. The main and the most dangerous – the destruction of cartilage and bone tissue with frequent use of funds. Therefore, you cannot use them more than 3 times in one year.

The Next group of drugs – drugs with hyaluronic acid. This, for example, Ostenil or Sinogram.

the prescribing physician with osteoarthritis of the knee

Hyaluronic acid helps to cure many pathologies, including those involved in the repair of cartilage. It is part of the cells that produce connective tissue. Acid helps the cartilage to bring back the lost elasticity. She returns and the viscosity of the liquid that is present within the joint.

Drugs with hyaluronic acid is introduced into the knee in osteoarthritis, create all the necessary conditions for the rapid restoration of cartilage. Long the drug absorbed in the joint cavity, from 3 months to a year. And throughout this period has a positive effect.

Hyaluronic acid often causes the group of patients allergies. These are the people whose body reacts to chicken protein. You can not put a shot,one knee on the affected skin. This is all taken into account by the physician when prescribing a therapeutic course.

Another drug for intra-articular injections – Alflutop. This tool is composed of the concentrate obtained from 4 types of fish.

Alflutop synthesizes hyaluronic acid, therefore, is involved in the regeneration of cartilage tissue. For a short time after the injection relieves inflammation in the affected joint. Formed in the stage of the disease ulcers on the tissues heal. Properties of fluid within the joint improve. The pain gradually ceases, the joints return their lost function. In the long term may slow the development of osteoarthritis.

Intramuscular and intravenous injections

This method of treatment in diseases of the joints of the knees is assigned more frequently than injections directly into the joint. Medicines the doctor finds, based on many factors: the disease, the patient's age, how much the affected joint.

Among the drugs used among the commonly used are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They help to reduce inflammation in cartilage, relieve swelling the knees. Drugs are good because have a quick effect.

non-steroidal anti-Lack of funds – a negative impact on the digestive tract. These injections promote the formation of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the stomach, liver and gall bladder lose some of their functions. Therefore, drugs are administered in a dosage of strictly individual for each patient. After this necessary vitamin course (B1 and B6).

The Next group of prescribed drugs – analgesics and antispasmodics. They reduce pain manifestations. But these drugs in the joint does not have any effect, the tissue of the cartilage is not restored.

To relieve spasms in the muscles, which sometimes begins in osteoarthritis, the doctor prescribes Mydocalm,, Sirdalud and others.

Take them for no more than a week. Contraindications have almost no funds. You cannot use them for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Steroid drugs are also used for intramuscular injection of drugs. They are used when severe losses. Among them the most famous Ambene. It quickly relieves pain, reduces inflammation, restores joint. But the drug has negative qualities – after use, the cartilage loses the ability to produce new cells. Doctors use steroids to only in extreme cases.

Indispensable in the combined treatment of vitamin complexes. Participate in the restoration of cartilage tissue vitamins B1, B6, B12. Intramuscularly injected Combilipen and others. Vitamins relieve pain, improve impulse of nerve cells.