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What to do and how to treat headache with sinusitis?

Headache when sinusitis is not uncommon. What to do with him when it is impossible to tolerate? In the maxillary sinuses accumulates a large amount of pus who can't go outside. So how does inflammation, headaches in the sinus are mandatory.

the Problem of migraines sinusitisSinusitis develops gradually, if time does not begin to treat a runny nose. The maxillary sinuses become swollen and accumulate a lot of mucus. If your nose constantly clogged with pus, mucus gradually comes out. Otherwise it stays in the sinuses.

Of Course, nowadays almost no one goes for help to the doctor during the cold. But if you suspect a sinus infection it must be done immediately to prevent the infection and pus can spread into the head. Consider the basic symptoms of sinusitis.

Symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis

The Symptoms of acute sinusitis are characterized by their intensity. They occur once in a maxillary sinus filled with pus. The symptoms of acute sinusitis usually attributed the following characteristics:

  • nose constantly laid, in both axillae there is a sense of pressure;
  • you may experience increased body temperature, which is often accompanied by chills or fever;
  • be sure the pain is felt in the nose, which may even give the teeth;
  • chronic tonsillitis or pharyngitis;
  • is constantly present headache, which concentrates in the forehead.

Surgery for sinusitis

A little differently manifests itself in chronic sinusitis. It develops on the background of not fully cured of acute sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis is more dangerous, because the nasal mucosa is much thickened. So, signs of chronic sinusitis:

  • severe headache, especially in forehead;
  • constant runny nose that will not go away, your nose always laid down;
  • sore eyes, with pressure on the nose there is severe pain.

usually, symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis can overlap among themselves. Very time to consult a doctor. He will determine what exactly is sinusitis.

treatment of the underlying disease and headaches

the Best way to cure a headache when sinusitis is to treat sinusitis directly. After all of the pus will be from the maxillary sinus removed, the pain will go away by itself.

Schema maxillary sinus

So consider the basic methods of treatment of sinusitis.

The first step is to go to the doctor, who will prescribe drops and other medications. For successful and fast treatment it is necessary to take all clear in the instructions. It is very important to follow some rules:

  1. In case the treatment of sinusitis occurs in the home, have to be closely monitored for humidity. It is the high level of humidity helps the mucus to come out. For this room you need to place bowls of water to use the spray more often to open the window.
  2. is this important to rinse the nose with salt solution. It is better to use natural sea salt which is stronger than ordinary food. In addition, it is very good to smear sinuses natural essential oils. When sinusitis uses oils of lemongrass, pine and eucalyptus. To reduce headache, a few drops of oil should be applied still and whiskey.
  3. Very useful at least once a day at bedtime to breathe in the steam. You can make a steam bath, adding a few pinches of dry herbs and flowers of chamomile. The steam will soften the dried mucus, will help it to flow, and chamomile would be to disinfect the nasal cavity.
  4. Useful during sinusitis to do a massage. Massaging the bridge of his nose, neck. The head should be massaged with a special massage function. This will help to relieve the pain and improve overall health during a sinus infection.

Chamomile for the treatment of sinusitis

When sinusitis it is best to alternate the traditional and folk methods. Then the treatment will certainly bring results, and very soon you will feel healthy.

first you need to decide with nasal drops and sprays for the nose. Beclomethasone and Fluticasone is best in its effectiveness of the sprays. The main thing – to use them correctly (according to instructions) and always keep it handy handkerchiefs.

Good effect and give nasal drops, but to appoint them the doctor can only. Typically, many drops have side effects that are extremely undesirable for the patient. So usually they are used if sprays have not given proper result.

Grass relate to the means of folk medicine. Any medicinal herb should be used with extreme caution and after the consultation of a homeopath. Usually for the treatment of sinusitis is used sorrel, black elderberry or oregano. Tell me how to make healing broths, the task of the doctor.

Besides all this,need to actively raise the level of immunity of the patient. For this you need to eat lots of berries, fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of fluids. If necessary, accept a complex of vitamins, especially helpful with headaches during sinus infection vitamin C.

doctor's Consultation on the issue of sinusitis

It's Important to remember that all of these methods of treatment should cautiously be used by pregnant women. Especially carefully it is necessary to herbs, sprays and drops. Some of them can harm the fetus. The same applies to the treatment of sinusitis in women during lactation.

Possible complications

what consequences may result from inadequate treatment of sinusitis or none? Acute sinusitis usually develops into a chronic form, in which the headaches become stable.But it is especially scary when the pus from the maxillary sinuses is distributed in the tissue and reaching the brain, it causes meningitis, which may end in death. You can never know where will the pus. It can affect even the eyes, ears or teeth.All these effects are accompanied by striking symptoms such as unbearable headache, pain in the eyes and nose, inability to breathe, a significant increase in body temperature and General weakness of the body, decreased immunity.

opinion on the topic

Sinusitis is a very dangerous disease that is best prevented by treatment of rhinitis.

Otherwise, can develop complications, you will need the perforation of the sinuses that is characterized by severe pain after piercing and health risks.