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The efficiency of the product the MOMENT in the treatment of headache

An INSTANT headache – is a modern drug that went on sale recently. The drug is manufactured in Germany, and manufacturers respond about it as about the high-quality and fast-acting medication that does not cause any side effects. MIG, just like the majority of medicines that are intended for the treatment of migraine or severe headache, in its composition contains such an active substance, such as Ibuprofen. In addition, as part of the means against headache contain additives that help to enhance the effectiveness of Ibuprofen.

Symptoms headache

MIG refers to the number of non-steroidal drugs and therefore does not cause any allergic reactions.

Pharmacological action of the drug

due To the fact that tablets are among the drugs that act very quickly on the source of pain, to get rid of painful sensations in the head can in a few minutes after taking the drug. After ingestion of the drug begins to fully dissolve in the human stomach, after 5 minutes the absorption occurs in the stomach wall and intestines. Then you need to wait about 5 minutes to feel the analgesic effect. No headache after 10 minutes.

Ibuprofen is the main component of the drug MIG

If we talk about the difference between the drug from his peers, he can easily eliminate a severe headache for a short time and thus prevent its re-occurrence for over 5 hours. MIG very quickly blocks the production of hormone which is the cause of the pain. With pills you can stop the source of the pain until, until will not be able to see a specialist and to establish the true cause of the problem.

dosing regimens

Before admission must be compulsorily studied manual medication. The medication occurs a series migraine. The pill should not exceed 15 days in a month. For adults the maximum daily dose is 1-2 tablets. If the pain is regular (which can often be observed in the postoperative period), dose increased to 3 tablets per day in consultation with your doctor.

Children under 16 MIG contraindicated, but in cases of severe headaches resolved taking half the adult dose. In this situation, you should consult with a specialist and get his permission. Up to 12 years of age, take a MOMENT prohibited, this is indicated in the instructions.

pregnancy is a contraindication to the use of the drug

MIG is a medicine against headache fast effects on the body. It is an excellent absorbent. Excreted from the human body the medicine starts within 3 hours after administration, and after one day of him not a trace remains. An interesting fact is that a large amount of Ibuprofen in the composition leads to high performance when infrequent or one-time use. If the pills are taken regularly, the effectiveness will be reduced, and the person can begin to develop ubusuna headache.

due To the fact that the medicine is very strong, in any case can not be used by pregnant women and during lactation.

Hormones, which begin to block the MOMENT, at the same time, responsible for the contraction of the uterus, respectively, could have a miscarriage. The minimum dose means can be prescribed by a doctor if the risk to the child is less than the benefit to his mother.

If we talk about the reception in old age, in each individual case, the dosage of the drug must be prescribed by a specialist. In any case, the dose of medication should be minimal.

access to a doctor for prescribing the dosage of the drug

Other contraindications include the following:

  • diseases of the heart and excretory systems in humans;
  • cannot be taken on an empty stomach;
  • is not accepted before, when the person requires maximum concentration;
  • it is impossible after taking drugs to drive a car or work with substances machines dangerous nature.

Overdose side effects and

If you happen to overdose, you may experience the following health problems:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • severe drowsiness;
  • dramatically starts to decrease the pressure that may even lead to a coma
  • is broken heartbeat and breathing, which can lead to heart failure and death;
  • vomiting, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea;
  • dry mouth, hepatitis, or pancreatitis;
  • bronchial spasm, the appearance of asthmatic attack;
  • problems with the Central nervous system, depression or an over-excited state;
  • sleep problems and insomnia, sometimes there arehallucinations;
  • poor overall health and fatigue.

Side effects and overdose can occur very rarely, but in case you notice similar symptoms, you should immediately stop taking the pills and as soon as possible to seek help from a specialist. In overdose washed stomach and they take medicine to normalize the gastrointestinal tract.

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