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What to do if you are headache, temperature 37, the weakness?

If you are concerned about headache, temperature 37, weakness, what to do? These symptoms indicate the exhaustion or the beginning of the development of the disease. To determine what happens to the body, you need to listen carefully to it and consider all the related symptoms. The reasons can be many, we consider only the most common ones.

Symptoms headache

the Most common causes increasing the temperature to 37 °C and treatment methods

Perhaps the reason lies in your strong fatigue or stress. Perhaps if you happen to measured the temperature, you wouldn't even know that it has improved. If no other symptoms are not present, it is possible to sound the alarm is not necessary. Brew yourself a soothing herbal tea, put into it a spoonful of honey, drink it in small SIPS. After that, lie down in your bed and try to relax, let go of all the thoughts that worry you. Think about something pleasant. With fatigue, the body becomes unprotected, so you should take care of this. Otherwise, can easily be subjected to respiratory infections. Take vitamins, try to spend more time outdoors.

If temperatures rise to 37 °C accompanied by nausea, diarrhea or vomiting, then most likely you were poisoned by some stale food. Need to take the light diet: eat during the day only porridge, boiled chicken or fish and vegetable soups. You can take activated charcoal (dose calculated based on body weight). If the temperature begins to grow rapidly or symptoms the next day will not work, we need the intervention of a doctor. If severe vomiting is necessary to make gastric lavage.

Drug treatment for headache

If you feel scratchy throat, runny nose, burning nose, it means that you have a respiratory infection.

Try to protect others from infection: drink from separate cups, do not go to public places, etc. At the first symptoms take a daily dose of vitamin C, boil the rose hips in a thermos. Use this infusion as often as possible. Very well to clean the body from infection helps the use of decoction of chamomile with honey. You can lower the temperature and without the use of medication. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of dried lime and brew 2 cups boiling water. After 15 minutes, strain, add honey or raspberry jam. Drink lime tea and immediately go to bed under a blanket.

Dangerous diseases, which are accompanied by pyrexia and headache

Very often a temperature increase to 37 °C is observed for a long time in children. However, no related symptoms are observed. This can happen due to hormonal changes the body, the development of dangerous diseases.

fever with headaches

do not Panic, but to ignore these symptoms. First we need to make a General blood test, to see how long was examined lungs (raising the temperature to 37 °C every night is observed at the initial stage of tuberculosis). The diet should be sufficient amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Additionally, one should take vitamin complex. If symptoms persist, you will have to complete a full examination of the body.

this condition can occur due to pathology in the musculoskeletal system, for example, when myogeloses. With the development of the disease there is the appearance of seals in the neck, which leads to poor circulation. The patient can experience dizziness, pain in the neck and regular body temperature.

To Stop the spread of infection will help essential oils. If there are no contraindications, you can drink aspirin. If the next day has not become easier, you will have to undergo treatment. In no case do not carry disease on their feet, this can lead to the emergence of various complications.

After experiencing acute respiratory disease may experience a dangerous complication, meningitis. If the patient is experiencing acute pain in the head, nablyudaya the appearance of seizures, vomiting and weakness in the body, you should immediately consult a physician. If time does not begin treatment, it can lead to dangerous complications, such as deafness, epilepsy, delays in intellectual development.

If you are a long time can not get rid of the common cold, there is a constant nasal congestion and headache is a possible reason might be the development of sinusitis. To get rid of symptoms, have to undergo a course of antibiotics and do a nasal lavage.

If the headache and weakness felt throughout the body, you experience bowel dysfunction, agitation, vomiting, seizures, then it may indicate infection encephalitis. When the slightest suspicion is necessary in the day to seekthe help in hospital. Delay could cost lives. The same symptoms accompany other dangerous disease – polio. In its development there are acute pain in the throat, the abdomen, General weakness, stuffy nose, vomiting. Polio has different forms – from mild to very severe. If time does not start treatment, there may be paralysis, atrophy, limb deformities, curvature of the spine.

fever and headache can occur with severe intoxication toxic compounds, viruses or dangerous bacteria. During intoxication may cause vomiting, nausea. In this case, you should observe that the body is not left dehydrated. You should drink as much liquid as possible. If improvement is not observed, you should call a doctor. Temperature rise is alarming: can be affected nervous system or develop liver failure. In any event, it should be examined and, if necessary, to go to the hospital.