Why in hot weather, changing weather will start to hurt the joints?

Why in the heat aching joints, can be difficult enough to seek help from an experienced specialist. Pain in the extremities associated with the presence of a serious illness or meteosensitivity people. Any changes in the weather can trigger pain and aching limbs.

the Appearance of pain in the joints

causes of pain in the joints

Often the pain affects the female population, but tend to that all people with chronic illnesses. Pain syndrome is associated with earlier injuries of the extremities. Changes in the weather affect people with rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis and osteochondrosis.

Bone is able to "feel" a decrease in atmospheric pressure and changes in air humidity. Affected people with rheumatoid arthritis. As soon as the weather begins to change, joint pain appear immediately. This is because rheumatism or arthritis affects the nerve endings.

The sensitivity of the joints increases, so any changes in temperature or humidity are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

On this Basis, the main causes of pain is:

  • changes in the level of atmospheric pressure;
  • decrease/increase temperature;
  • changes in humidity.

Communication of atmospheric pressure with pain in the joints

The Amount of water contained in the oxygen, provokes swelling of the affected joints. Temperature changes lead to unpleasant pain. Atmospheric pressure can change, causing the decrease or increase in the joint cavity. Before changing out the nerve endings become irritated, the receptors of the joint capsule respond to that and the knee starts to "whine". Once all the indicators back to normal, unpleasant symptoms will recede on their own. A similar pattern is observed not only in heat, but if there are any changes in the weather.

what is the danger of this state?

The Unpleasant symptoms cause the person a lot of inconvenience. In addition to joint pain, there is a risk of serious consequences. For example, it is possible the emergence of heart disease. To provoke this condition may rheumatism, which was not removed in time.

A Little pain before rain and stiffness in the morning can be a symptom of disease of cartilage. People do not pay attention to it, thereby contributing to the deterioration of their own health.

Check knee

When the joint stops moving or is the limited mobility, there is the risk of loss. In many cases to save the affected part of the limb is not possible. Occasionally to cope with the situation helps a complex operation aimed at replacing the affected joint with an artificial one.

With the appearance of pain should go to the hospital. Determining the causes of pain and treatment will help avoid serious complications. The elimination of the disease in the early stages will help save the cartilage and regain joint mobility. Today, there are many techniques which can improve the human condition without serious operations.

Elimination of pain

Osteoarthritis develops on the background of metabolic disorders observed in cartilaginous tissue. This is due to a serious injury or excessive stress on the limbs. For normalization of metabolism resort to using special drugs called chondroprotectors. Their main function is to fill the lack of elements that help to restore cartilage. Hondroprotektory do not give the disease to progress and actively work towards the normalization of the structure of cartilage.

With the deterioration of the use of drugs that eliminate the inflammation and pain. To the joints of the weather did not react, you need to take NSAIDs. To pay attention to the Ibuprofen. This drug is safe, but in high doses can lead to adverse reactions. For their suppression the dosage reduced, depending on the needs of the person.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used together with chondroprotectors. There are special medicines to eliminate the degenerative processes in cartilaginous tissue. The best preparation is terafleks advance. Used remedy to reduce the pain and resolve the inflammatory process. The dosage is assigned by the attending physician. The drug should be taken for a long time.

Why joints ache, you can determine by yourself, but how to treat the disease, the doctor decides. To resort to self-treatment is not recommended: improper medicines lead to the deterioration of the situation.