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Kinesiotherapy Bubnovsky's method at home

Physical therapy at home is a panacea for weakening the back muscles. Disruption of the back is the most common ailment that affects almost all people from small to large. It is expressed in the form of acute pain and an inability to perform basic tasks. In some cases, even bend is a problem. However, there is a method aimed at improving muscle tone of the back, designed on the basis of studies of several thousand cases.

the Problem of back pain

Rehabilitation after back injury

Often each of us felt the unpleasant consequences of incorrect lifting or sharp turns. Pain accompany almost every move. The pain is sharp pulling character. Such effect is associated with sprain of the spine or the violation of its structure (for special occasions). All of these symptoms require treatment involving rest and relaxation.

The Human body is designed for constant movement. Only then all its systems and organs work as efficiently as possible. So long immobilization, which involves the treatment of back injuries can affect muscle tone. Back with recently healed injuries can not perform the basic functions in full force. To restore all lost functions and give the muscles the necessary tone needed the special rehabilitation measures that can quickly put a person on foot. This, of course, is the method Bubnovsky kinesiotherapy. This kind of preventive measures is relatively recent, but already managed to gain popularity among the people as one of the most effective rehabilitation programs.

Bubnovsky Kinesiotherapy on the simulator

Principles of kinesiotherapy and its impact on human

Recovery of functions of the back is a complex and lengthy process. Weakened muscles and damaged tissue can't be in a moment fully functional. For their regeneration requires 2 things – time that will heal and repair tissue damage, preventive measures. All rehabilitation programs are based on relief of back strain and muscle. But this approach is not always the best, because a full recovery of the undeveloped spine and the back muscles too great a risk of re-injury.

This feature was taken into consideration, whereby there is a separate area of the rehabilitation process, which allows for the feasible load on the back and the lumbar. The key factor of this system is to work with loads. Initially, perform physical therapy by the method Bubnovsky should be under strict supervision of a specialist who will guide and correct each movement. It is held in the gym and after the gym. Only the coach can determine the extent and amount of exercise based on the nature of the damage and physical state of the person at the time of the start of classes.

The First classes are introductory in order to assess the strength and capabilities of the person.

back Exercises on Bubnovskiy

The Repeated start to carry a more serious load. The complex of exercises is strictly individual and is compiled by experts on the basis of charcteristic back injury. It is important to remember that the first class must conduct with the rehabilitation specialist, because the self approach may not only have a positive effect, but also lead to negative consequences. The principle of the method Bubnovsky kinesiotherapy involves a gradual increase in load and the complexity of the exercises. After some time and after given permission to the complex of rehabilitation measures can be transferred to an independent channel, to perform it at home. Therapy is allowed after full awareness of the meaning of each exercise separately and clear execution.

Use in house conditions

Physical therapy at home is a sequential continuation of that set of activities which was compiled in the health facility. The emphasis upon self-training is done on various stretching and sagging. To perform these sports activities should be without haste and bustle. For greater effect, you can distribute each exercise stage and intensively work on each of them.

A Variety of bends, torso twists and stretch marks are one of the main exercises involves the physical therapy. This part of it is a bit like gymnastics, but a defining part of it is to work with loads. At home it can be various dumbbells or a chest expander. The feature of such trainings is their cyclicity. This means that a daily workout or the lack thereof onweeks are an adverse factor that may affect General health. In the first case, due to overtraining of the muscles they may be subject to unnecessary strain that leads to injury. The second way gives them undue slackness, which may have negative consequences.

Optimum interval training is holding them 3 times a week. For example, on even or odd days. Definitely a weekend to reduce fatigue and muscle-toning. We must remember that only personal commitment and hard work will allow you to succeed and never to feel discomfort in the back.

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