The symptoms and treatment of acute arthritis

Acute arthritis is very common in people aged over 40 years. But lately there are more and more cases, when the arthritis begins to manifest itself even in childhood. Arthritis is a very unpleasant disease, which occurs as a result of inflammatory processes in the body. Their joint result is manifested in severe pain focused in the joints, usually at night, and regardless of whether the person is moving at this time or not.

Symptoms of acute arthritis

The Disease can develop over many years (chronic form) or can occur suddenly (acute form). Often you can find cases when during acute arthritis occurs fever.

Types of disease

The Disease can develop in several forms: chronic or acute. Acute arthritis of the knee joint has symptoms such as very severe pain, some swelling, increased local or General temperature. Chronic disease may for a long time not to make any signs of its development. Only in some situations, more often during the supercooling of the knee or due to physical strain, there is severe pain.

The Acute form of the disease differs from chronic form those that absolutely all the symptoms are more clearly. In addition, the disease is several times faster destroys the human joints and causes severe pain regular. The place of localization of acute arthritis can be very different, but most often affects the shoulder, elbow, or knee.

fever with acute arthritis

Symptoms of acute arthritis

Symptoms of this illness quite a lot, and their appearance will be incredibly sharp and extremely painful. So, acute arthritis has these symptoms:

  1. In a joint affected by arthritis, you can feel very strong and sharp pain. It can occur at any time of the day or be present constantly. As a rule, acute monoartrit will be manifested by painful sensations in the joints. If there is an acute arthritis, the pain will occur simultaneously in several joints.
  2. In the place where the inflammatory process will always elevated temperature. In some cases, there are unnatural bluish or red spots may appearance of the rash.
  3. Just above the joint, which develops acute arthritis, you may notice minor swelling or puffiness. If a person suffers from arthritis, while worsening can swelling of hands and feet or all limbs.
  4. the human condition is rapidly deteriorating, because there is a huge amount of other symptoms that can be called indirect: the increase in body temperature, strong headaches, tension, insomnia, constant body aches, nervousness. In most cases patients do not even suggest that such symptoms relate to the development of acute arthritis and believe that they have a common cold or any infectious disease.

the Main symptom is that the person loses the usual mobility of the joints of the hands and feet. due to severe pain and due to the fact that gradually breaks down the connective tissue, affected limb loses some of its health. Because of the acute arthritis of hand joints of upper limb are less mobile. In the presence of acute arthritis of the feet cannot move's Consultation for acute arthritis

If a person started to develop severe arthritis, then he must immediately consult a specialist to inspect and determine the most appropriate treatment of the disease. This form of the disease progresses very quickly, and after a while without proper treatment for severe pain will add other, more serious problems.


The Disease can begin to develop due to the following reasons:

  1. In metabolism there was a big crash. When a failure occurs in the processes of excretion of urinary salts, they eventually begin to accumulate in the joints. Because of this, problems arise with the full circulation and nutrition of certain organs. The result of such a failure is the occurrence of inflammation and the appearance of acute forms of arthritis.
  2. can be caused by genetic predisposition. If the family has someone who suffers this disease, it is necessary to be especially careful about prevention of the disease, because the risk of development of acute arthritis in this case increases several times.
  3. Excess weight. Due to the extra weight load on joints increases significantly, and it becomes the cause of the disease in an acute form. Most often in such cases the disease affects the hip, knee or foot, as the main burden falls on the lower limbs.
  4. Some other diseases. Many autoimmune or infectious diseasescan become the impetus for the development of acute arthritis.
  5. Work in adverse conditions. If a person regularly supercooled works in the room with high humidity, constantly has a large physical activity, it will sooner or later result in acute arthritis of the joints, because these factors primarily affect the joints of the person.
  6. Improper diet. If people don't eat right and still consume too many salty foods, the salt crystals will gradually accumulate in the joints. After some time, because of the love for salt can begin to develop severe inflammation and, as a result of acute arthritis.
  7. Frequent stressful situations. Regular stressful situations act as the catalyst in this case. It should be noted that if the cause was stress, most likely, will develop acute arthritis of the hands.
  8. Sports. Due to too strong of regular physical activity is the destruction, deformation and inflammation of the connective tissue located in joints in humans. As a result, begins to rapidly develop acute arthritis, and if not to reduce or not to stop the load, the speed of development of disease will increase several times.

a Stressful situation is one of the causes of acute arthritis

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

To diagnose the presence of acute arthritis in humans, it is necessary to do the following:

  • General and peripheral blood;
  • x-ray
  • puncture
  • rheumatoid sample.

Treatment of disease is carried out in the following areas:

  • inhibit the inflammatory process;
  • relieve strong pain sensations;
  • assign protective agents;
  • to appoint external agents.

Heredity is one of the causes of acute arthritis

To suppress the process of inflammation antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, usually in tablet form. If the disease occurs in acute form, then prescribe and intra-articular injections strong anti-inflammatory medication. In order to remove the excruciating pain, the patient is prescribed painkillers. Popular and effective is a product such as Colchicine. Hondroprotektory prescribe to slow deformation of the joints. Used in the treatment of ointments, gels, creams increase the chances several times for a quick relief of the acute.

If there is an acute serous arthritis, then the affected area of the body must be at rest. This will allow to avoid occurrence of dislocations or contractures. In some situations (in this disease) can use the traction that little bit will take away the pain in the joint. If it is not possible to make the elongation of the limb, in such case, you can use bus or retentive bandages. With their help, a little tension in the joint, and the pain is not as sharp. To use such treatment can be not very long, otherwise it may be ankylosis.

In the case of acute suppurative arthritis you also need to eliminate the pus from the joint.

As a rule, doctors do a lumbar puncture and aspiration of the joint. After the data manipulations used antibiotics and painkillers.

The Important point is that during an exacerbation of the disease in any case can not be used for treatment massage, warming ointment or compress. This will only contribute to the development of the inflammatory process.