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How to correct stooped posture in children and adolescents

In search of a way to fix the slouch in the child, parents are faced with many challenges. For any treatment to be effective, it is necessary to use a variety of ways to perform them regularly and for a long time.

Children it is very difficult to explain that they have to constantly monitor the posture, to avoid injury of the spine and muscles. However, because of violation of hygiene of body position and there is a stoop.

how to correct stooped posture in adolescent

You can Often see scoliosis in adolescents who engage in strength training. The boys, wanting to be beautiful and attractive, lift excessive loads, use the deadlift excess weight. This approach leads to the emergence of micro-cracks and ruptures in the muscles. As a result over time there is a strong spastic contraction of the muscles. If an abnormal condition continues for a long time, hypertonic skeletal musculature "pulls" the spine in their side – there is a strong scoliosis of the spine.


To fix a hunched back the child, is of the following complex medical procedures:

  • Gymnastics
  • Manual therapy
  • Massage
  • Swimming
  • Physiotherapy
  • corseting
  • Symptomatic drug treatment;
  • surgery.


To Correct your posture in adolescent swimming does not work, but it will help prevent further progression – such an opinion exists, the majority of doctors. Water keeps the body on the surface, therefore relieving stress on the abdominal muscles. At the same time trains the skeletal muscles of the back, which creates opportunities for strengthening the muscular system.

Swimming will help to correct the stooped posture only with the right selection of styles. The crawl, the breaststroke is often recommended by instructors of physical therapy.

Swimmers-fans load mostly pectoral muscle – it is easier to sail. Professional athletes "work" the muscles of the back. It is necessary to treat the stoop.

Therefore, swimming has positive effect, it is necessary to take a few lessons from a professional swimmer or instructor.

Attention! For violation of navigation technology will be "pumping" of the pectoral muscles. However, they are pulled together, which increases the stoop. If you can not take the help of an instructor, swim on your back – this will strengthen the muscular frame.

Manual therapy

At the back of the curve in teenagers you can apply manual therapy. When curvature of the spine should be done carefully. All manipulations must be carried out by a qualified specialist!

Each procedure needs to gain a foothold gymnastics. If this is not done, back in a few days will return to its original position. Sometimes, after the execution of manual procedures increases razbaltyvaniya ligamentous apparatus of the spine.

How and when to conduct manual therapy in violation of posture of a teenager:

  1. Procedures apply only if there is evidence of apparent displacement of the vertebrae;
  2. With little pain enough of 1 session;
  3. Maximum of 3 treatments, but with the active support exercises;
  4. to Repeat the course no more than 2 times a year.

Since young people vertebrae are made mostly of cartilage, they are mobile. Chiropractic up to 20 years can bring a positive effect, but it must be done by a qualified doctor!


Medication hunched back is not performed if there are clinical symptoms. External cosmetic defect is physical therapy, manual therapy, massage and corset.

Conservative treatment is necessary for pain, persistent spastic muscle contractions or signs of lesions of the spine on radiographs.

What medicines are used when slumping shoulders of the child:

  • Calcitonin for bone health;
  • Muscle relaxants to relax the skeletal muscles;
  • Nimesulide (Nise) is to remove the inflammatory changes in the soft tissues;
  • Analgesics in the presence of pain.

Children up to 15 years do not take aspirin, because the medication can cause a decrease in the number of granulocytes in the blood (agranulocytosis)! In European countries the drug is prohibited for sale.

Pharmaceuticals in children are used only when absolutely necessary. In Soviet times, the doctors did not recommend the use of chemical vitamins. So there were legends about a contrary fish oil. Modern doctors for the elimination of vitamin D deficiency in the child or for the prevention of rickets prescribed pharmaceutical drug.

The Muscle relaxant it is better for children not to apply, as they provoke a decrease in blood pressure. However, when a strong contraction causes pain when you perform physical exercises, the doctor prescribes datafunds.

Selection of furniture for sleeping

In Soviet times, when stooping doctors recommended to sleep on a wooden Board. Modern technologies allow to avoid discomfort during sleep, as they were created by hard mattresses. With their help, the treatment of stoop easier. Orthopedist-traumatologist, will choose the best model for your spine. Orthopedic product can automatically adjust to the physiological curves of the spinal column, preventing curvature.

sleep will be quite smooth and thick mattress, but it should be easy. Deformations of posture in adolescents is sometimes required to manufacture products. They are more expensive than classic options, but justify the cost.


Treatment of stoop gymnastics – the basic method of therapy of the disease. It is used in combination with other methods. Many podiatrists recommend the child to wear the corset between the successive courses of physical therapy.

An illustrative list of exercise physical education at stooped back can be found on our website. This article will describe some unique but effective approaches to posture correction.

How to start exercising when you stoop a teenager:

  • When weight training the teenager should be sent to the load on the muscular frame of the back. It is important to keep intact the symmetry of the skeletal muscles on both sides;
  • Second exercise is the breeding of hand bends to the sides. During the procedure should be recorded for a few seconds position at the top. It is impossible to dumbbell "fly", so to lift them smoothly. So increased load on the deltoid muscles;
  • In the pathology of the spine for boys are allowed to be lifted in each hand not more than 5 kg, and for the girls – no more than 3 kilograms.

Workouts with excess weight training will help strengthen the stoop. Too many approaches to lifting even light weights traumatisiert muscles, contributing to the emergence of micronation.

For a child with hunched backs can recommend the following exercise:

  • Lean back on the chair with backrest and move your hands behind your head;
  • Beware the rotten thoracic spine;
  • Fix the pose for a few minutes.

In conclusion let us note that the correction of a stoop in a child – long and recurring process. For qualitative treatment requires patient motivation and iron discipline.