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Pain in left side of neck when trying to rotate, lift chin

A Message from Constantine:

Pain left side neck, I don't know what is. When you turn, bend, lift your chin hurts. But if I drop the neck in the direction of pain, and then remove (not abruptly), it does not hurt. If not lower to the end, there is already starting to hurt.


Hello Konstantin. The clinical picture that you describe, similar to spastic contraction or inflammatory changes of the muscles of the left half of the neck. We cannot exclude damage to the articular-ligamentous apparatus of the cervical spine. If the assumption is true, then pain will be removed by muscle relaxants (e.g., mydocalm). We can also assume myositis on the background of hypothermia.

Neck hurts when osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, but in these diseases the pain is a constant aching in nature. Over the years pain increases.

Herniated discs of the cervical ache is stronger at night and in the morning the person feels stiffness in the neck, so hard the bed increases the pressure on spinous processes of the vertebrae.

A Hernia is causing pain in the upper shoulder girdle due to infringement of the brachial nerve. In advanced cases there is an infringement of skin sensitivity and muscle strength.

Neurologists when the patient with neck pain also study the condition of the pupil and the eye slits to exclude hemorrhage in the brain. Of these diseases show indirect signs:

  • Numbness and weakness of hands;
  • tingling in the little finger or the ring finger;
  • Loss of skin sensation of the upper body.

To help you, I can recommend the use of nimesulide (Nise) as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic during the week. If disrupted sleep, can apply sedatives at night (for example, tincture of Valerian). When you use muscle relaxants you should be careful, as they cause a drop in blood pressure. Prolonged use of NSAIDs can cause peptic ulcer!