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What the doctor may prescribe a posture corrector, and whether to choose it


I seriously slouch. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity. What the doctor may prescribe a posture corrector? And is it possible to choose it?


Hello Mary. When slouching you should not count on the effect of posture corrector, if you do not exercise. Orthotic devices are recommended to temporarily relax the muscles and support the spine in the correct position.

orthopedic posture correctorBetween intervals in wearing concealer, you must exercise. Gymnastics helps to strengthen the muscle corset back and eliminate "distortions".

Find an orthopedic corset, can orthopaedic trauma or spine. If your clinic does not have such a specialist, you can seek help from a trauma specialist or the surgeon who performs its functions. However, the choice of orthopedic products not related to functional duties of these specialists.

Select the desired model of an orthopedic corset You can on their own. To do this, change the height and waist measurement. When you purchase enhanced model requires a third parameter – abdominal circumference (measured 10 cm below the waist).

If the measured values are in between 2 sizes, choose the bigger one to not have any of pain when wearing concealer.

Some brand-name manufacturers produce models that are selected according to the volume of the chest under the Breasts.

we Hope these tips will help you correct your posture.