Why there is pain in the knee when walking, bending, and other movements?

Pain in knee joint when walking may occur in the presence of various human diseases. Itself pain syndrome can manifest itself in various situations, for example, by straightening the legs. Below are diseases that can cause the above mentioned pain, their symptoms and possible complications.

the Problem of pain in the knee joint

Gonarthrosis – arthrosis of the knee joint

The disease is turning to doctors to 37% of people with problems in the feet. This disease affects patients who are over 40 years. While suffering as one knee joint, can be affected, and both legs.

The Disease can develop slowly over several months or even years. First the person has pain in the knees, which only appear in the result of a long walk. But then, pain increases when walking short distance. It is especially hard for people with this disease to rise from a chair, to climb stairs. The reason for this is the formation of bony growths on the knee joint. At rest there is no pain as there is it and at night. But this does not apply in those cases when a patient walks in the day long or overloads the knee in another way. In the subsequent development of disease is added to the pain of the crunch, and then there is a deformity of the joints. With age these symptoms in humans, only worse. Often with late appeal for medical help the patient is experiencing these complications, which lead to the need to implement surgical operations. Thus there is the likelihood that the person will be crippled for life.

meniscus Damage

This is a too common disease. It affects up to 38% of patients who seek help at the clinic. Such damage can be and young people, and elderly, both men and women.

to consult a doctor when pain in the knee joint

This causes damage of the knee joint. Such an injury a person receives on almost level ground. The disease develops relatively quickly and unexpectedly. It most often occurs after a jump, running, a failed motion during walking. Many receive such injuries during Alpine skiing.

When you damage a person can hear a crunch and then a sharp pain in my knees. It does not allow the affected person to take a single step. In such cases, sometimes the pain subside after a quarter of an hour, and then the patient can walk, but after a day the pain strikes again this man and his knees swell up. However, he feels tingling when moving is a sign of pinching of the meniscus. You can get the feeling that this place has hammered a nail or that the legs will soon polomalsya.

Such a period of illness may last for about three weeks. After that, the patient may become easier. If timely treatment, it can last for a long period: pain that comes to nothing, then reappears. It usually happens when squatting or after the patient stumbled. With the defeat of the meniscus is rarely deformed joints. This can happen only if the disease provokes arthritis. This turn of events happens quite often.

Arthritic syndrome

These diseases can be affected by people of all ages, but most often such illnesses are diagnosed in young people. Arthritis defeat captures one or both knees. They often come under attack of gout, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis and articular rheumatism. The disease occurs in 8-9% of patients, with complications in his lap.

Drug treatment of knee pain

For those diseases characterized by rapid development that takes place for three days. When this occurs swelling and swelling in the knees. Pain syndrome increases in night period, and the pain is much stronger than normal walking. In order to get rid of pain, rather arthrosis or damage of the meniscus to change the pose. The reason to do it during the impossible arthritis, is an inflammatory process in the joints. They do not respond to exposure to cold or heat. To reduce pain only when using anti-inflammatory medication. But not only arthritis can harm. There are some types of osteoarthritis that cause the defeat of the hip joint. Coxarthrosis is one of these ailments. It affects up to 3% of people.

In this disease, the mobility of the knee is almost not reduced. They can easily bend and straighten without pain. But during the disease the patient can not rotate the leg, raise the lower limbs to the sides. The patient may to some pain sit on the ground. Osteoarthritis is an insidious disease, so the appearance of symptoms should immediately consult a physician. Complications that gives the hip with delayed treatment can leadthe patient to disability.

poor circulation

They arise from the deterioration of blood circulation in the knee joints. This pain appears in most people. This happens in about 9% of patients. This usually happens at the ages of 14-15 years and older. In his younger years, when the human body develops, the growth of blood vessels has not kept pace with the growth process of bone structures.

If this kind of pain once appeared the teenager, they will accompany the man and the rest of his life. The intensity of these symptoms decreases after 20 years. Arising pain syndrome or wheelchair does not interfere with the person during flexion and extension of knee joints and reduces their mobility, as it often happens in arthritis.

The Pain usually occurs on both knees. Most often this process occurs when cold, change of weather conditions after heavy physical work or during sports. During these periods, patients begin to complain of a feeling of torsion in the joints of the knees. Most of the pain caused by poor circulation in the lower extremities can be eliminated through massage, rubbing kneecaps, use a variety of warming ointments. Sometimes you can remove the pain by using a small self-massage. In some cases the doctors recommend the use of medications that expand blood vessels. If the knee hurts because of the disruption of normal blood flow, the special therapy the person is not required.

Periarthritis and other diseases

This disease affects mainly the female half of humanity. The disease occurs in 14% of all applicants to a medical facility. Most often these patients more than 40 years. Pain in this disease most often occurs when descending stairs or when used for household purposes heavy bags. If a woman most of my life is occupied by Porterage, periarthritis of the bag "goose feet" can appear at any time.

The Pain that brings this insidious disease that affects the entire knee joint. This pain is actually centered on the back of the knees. If the patient is to reduce the knee pain he will feel by 3 cm lower than the point of contact of the cups. But compared with arthritis, osteoarthritis and meniscus damage in this disease there are no restrictions in the mobility of the knees. All flexion and extension of the lower limbs of man produces freely. There is no change in the form of knees, found no deformities, no swelling.

All of the above diseases have different effects on people. But symptoms of a particular ailment it is best to contact medical facility. There will diagnose and after the detection of the disease will prescribe appropriate treatment.

Self-treatment in many cases, to not recommended, as there can be complications that eventually will lead the patient to a wheelchair.