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The use of pepper and Chinese patches osteochondrosis

Pepper patch osteochondrosis is a widely publicized tool. It is used for irritation of the skin, improving blood flow to the place of application and the stimulation of the reflex zones.

It's No secret that medicinal plants have fewer side effects than pills. The therapeutic use of herbs is not always possible to use the power of nature to the fullest. To use it to the fullest, were designed patches. This form showed high efficiency in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

The Most common types of patches in osteochondrosis – pepper and analgesic. There is a Chinese version, which consists of several ingredients. Data on types of talk in the article.

patch osteochondrosis

Capsicum plaster

The Patch with the extract of pepper in osteochondrosis of the spine is used to improve blood flow due to the local irritation of skin receptors. The composition of products included hot pepper, which provides local irritant effect. As a result, under the influence of nerve impulses dilate blood vessels and increases blood flow to the skin.

Some models contain the extract of belladonna, which have analgesic and muscle relaxant action. This allows you to remove the tissue and release the pinched nerve. So prevents pain and soreness of the tissues removed.

Please note that the procedure is quite simple, so widely used in folk medicine. Simply stick patch from osteoarthritis of the skin in the area pain in the spine to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.