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Selection of pillows in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Orthopedic pillow with cervical degenerative disc disease does not help to get rid of the disease, but prevents it from worsening. If during sleep in humans with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine correct head posture prevents curvature of the spine.

Muscular back is important in maintaining the axis of the spine in the correct position. To prevent the shortening of the neck muscles, you need to organize the sleeping area.

orthopedic pillow for cervical degenerative disc disease

If during your holiday would be to relax the cervical musculature, disappear pain in the neck. Prolonged awkward posture provokes complication of the disease. Protective muscle tension of the system without full relaxation will be maintained for a long period of time and progress.

Orthopedic pillow in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine helps prevent further curvature of the spinal axis and to exclude the infringement of the nerve roots.

What you need to know

At cervical osteochondrosis you should sleep on the orthopedic pillow that perfectly fits the curves of the cervical spine. This product is recommended by the doctor-vertebrologist patients with pain in the spinal column.

Patients with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine should be attentive to the choice of bed.

The term orthopedic pillow, you should understand not only the name. For each patient, such a product is chosen individually. You can't just go to the store and purchase the ideal model. You should try several products to find the best for yourself.

To choose the right model in osteochondrosis you should use the following principles:

  • pillow must have small dimensions;
  • pick it up by the size of the shoulder girdle;
  • structure of the product must be equipped with a dense cushion
  • filler should not wrinkle.

If you have frequent pain in your neck you should sleep on the soft product. It prevents pain, because during sleep, the processes of the vertebra will not have the pressure of a hard surface.

We recommend sleeping on the model, which is somewhat raised above the shoulders. In this position the neck is lifted above the head, which prevents the curvature of cervical kyphosis. To this effect, the model manufacturers equip special elastic roller.

Types of orthopedic products

There are many types of orthopedic pillows, but among all the models should highlight the 2 varieties that reduce the number of exacerbations of the disease.

The First product has a shape of a roller or of a Crescent. It contains a soft filler that does not lose its shape when pressed on top. Some patients say that this product is bad to sleep on your side, because it locks the neck on both sides.

The Second product is more practical. Its classic shape is rectangular. The edges of the models are placed rollers with a depression in the Central part. Product height is chosen for a height and width of the shoulder girdle.

There are varieties with a single roller, which is located in the Central part. The number of rollers does not significantly affect the functionality of the model, but it should be understood that at least one solid filler in the product should be.

Basic principles on the use

There are several important principles for the use of orthopedic products for the cervical spine. What properties must have a model for the treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the neck:

  1. form persists throughout sleep;
  2. the density of the pillow should be moderate;
  3. width of the model perfectly matches the size of the shoulders
  4. to sleep on a pillow on her back or side;
  5. if the product causes discomfort, it should be replaced.

In conclusion it should be said that osteochondrosis – a disease that progresses with age. It often develops in older people, but statistics on its frequency in young people also is growing.

The Clinical experiments have established that a significant role among the causes of degenerative changes of the spine plays a wrong organization of recreation, and a long stay in a sedentary position.

Of Course, the provoking factors of the disease are many and each of them to consider difficult. However, orthopedic products play an important role in preventing the progression of the disease.

Cushions, corsets, reclinators, the correctors are made with regard to possible anatomical features of the vertebral axis of patients with degenerative-dystrophic diseases. To individually select, you need to consult a doctor who will examine all of the anatomical features of the patient's spine.