Why headache when bending down?

Sometimes, people on reception at the doctor complains: headache when bend over. What is it? The symptom of some disease or normal? Almost everyone knows what a headache. For some, it is a rare phenomenon, practically constantly pursues the other.

the Problem of headaches when bending down

Man, confronted with such a phenomenon, asks: when you tilt your head why there is pain?

The Reasons for this unpleasant symptom is quite a lot. It relates to his existence and when bending down. Consider the reasons for the existence of this symptom when bending and explain the dangers associated with them.

Pain in head when bending

There are a number of reasons for the pain in head when tilting. Maybe it's a symptom of colds, disorders of the cardiovascular or neuropsychiatric factors. Itself the pain may be localized in different parts of the head and have different character.

cervical migraine is the cause of headaches

Answering the question of why headaches occur when bending, you should consider its sources:

  • injuries and diseases of the cervical spine: sprains, subluxations, spondylitis, etc.;
  • problems with the spine complicated by cervical spondylosis. This is a condition in which a person has a deformation in the edges of vertebral osteophytes. Most typically this disease for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, the elderly, and people of brainwork;
  • due to sealing of the neck muscles, caused by constant stress, drafts or poor posture
  • due to mental stress arising from a long stay in a stressful situation;
  • with a long stay of the body in an uncomfortable position;
  • in the case of the presence of hypertension
  • if develops cervical migraine.

When these symptoms, if they start to become more frequent or get worse, you should immediately consult a physician. you Can see a physician, and it on the basis of complaints and scheduled tests will be referred to a specialist. Most often the problems because of pain in head when bending are in the supervision of the trauma surgeon, cardiologist or neurologist.

to consult a doctor for headache

Headaches can develop for a number of other reasons, which we examine below.

Infectious causes of cephalgia

Headache when bending may be caused by infectious diseases. So, it appears:

  • problems with arterial tone;
  • due to the development of migraine headaches;
  • in the presence of inflammatory joint diseases or problems the musculoskeletal system;
  • in severe intoxication.

we should also mention the headache that develops in the slope due to sinusitis. This cause is very common. When her pain has a pulsating character, its localization centers of the eye sockets. Because of worsening pain around the face, it is almost impossible to touch. From the nose becomes more prominent purulent Department.

the arterial tonus is the cause of your headaches

This trait is very dangerous. As soon as possible to begin treatment of sinusitis.

The fact that tilt is a threat of penetration of pus in the head, and this can lead to death.

What pain?

There are different types of pain that appear when bending. Each of them may indicate some or other reasons.

Tension pain, with world-wide distribution. To determine its cause is quite difficult. Very often its source is stress. There is a feeling of squeezing, squeezing the head. The muscles of the forehead begin to strain, you may experience discomfort of eyes. This characteristic pain and related symptoms in the evening hours. In that case, if they are persistent, urgent need to consult with your doctor.

Headache, arising from sinusitis

The Pain related to migraine, definitely localized in one part of the head and can last up to 4 hours. Thus during tilting is often observed dizziness, develops photophobia and nausea. Over time there may be vomiting, entire body felt weak.

Causes of pain during tilting can be functional disorders of the brain. When dilation of blood vessels located in the cranial box, the pressure on the brain increases, which leads to sub-standard work.

Causes unpleasant sensations occurring due to the tilt, can be tobacco smoke, loud noises, fear, and unpleasant, especially the smell.

Very rarely clustered pain. It is typical for men,has a pulsating nature and localized, usually in the same place. During this headache feels good blood flow, after which brings tears to my eyes, and runny nose develops. It usually occurs once a month and lasts about an hour. In this case, the danger is the risk of loss of consciousness.

Alcohol Withdrawal syndrome can lead to pain when bending. This is because in the body is full production of serotonin, and also it prone to dehydration. This pain often turns into a migraine.

The Pain may develop as a consequence of temporal arteritis. When it concerned about human intense pain you may feel after bending over. In addition, a person can begin to suffer from insomnia and depression, dramatically reduces the weight. The most typical kind of pain for the elderly, and people who abuse alcohol, or those who are frequently exposed to viral infections, taking a number of medications or overheating in the sun.

Inflammation of blood vessels can also cause pain when bending. This is a very dangerous symptom, as this problem can lead to blindness.

The Increase of the internal pressure is another cause of pain when bending, which usually appears suddenly and is localized in one area. May have changes in vision and coordination, hindered speech, and vomiting occurs. This is often the result of head injuries, tearing of cerebral vessels, etc. May experience bleeding of varying strength. In this situation, you should immediately consult a physician.

The Reason for this phenomenon is an allergic reaction.

diagnosis and treatment

It is Important to be aware that to determine the true cause of the head pain when bending can only be a doctor. Often he will have in addition to the patient interview and examination to guide him for the surrender of a number of tests and diagnostic procedures (EEG, CT, etc.). Only with this data in hand, the doctor made the final diagnosis and prescribe optimal therapy.

depending on the cause of the pain is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment. Analgesics are able to relieve the symptom and sometimes is not the best solution. In the long term you cannot rely on pain medication. If you do not solve the problem, it may worsen.

Based on the foregoing, if the pain lasts for a long time, or periods, and the power of headache after the slopes are increasing, it is necessary to seek medical help and undergo a complete health examination.

As prophylaxis doctors recommend as much as possible to be in the fresh air and physical exercise. But do not overload yourself. Remember, in several diseases, excessive physical exertion dangerous.

Note also that anti-migraine does not help analgesics. To combat it, doctors prescribe triptana, its detection is recommended to avoid not only sharp slopes, but also any movements.

From the hangover will help rest, aspirin or paracetamol. Intracranial pressure can be reduced by special drugs. And in some cases through surgery, when you remove the pressure on the brain hematoma.

From classic pain helps oxygen therapy. If the reason lies in the diseases of the neck, the analgesics should be added taking antispasmodics, physiotherapy and a number of physiotherapeutic procedures.

With temporal arteritis need to start taking prescribed by a doctor steroid drugs. Their aim is to fight against inflammatory processes in the vessels.