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What to do if you have a headache several days and weeks in a row?

With the headaches familiar to many. It occurs for a few minutes, but sometimes a headache for several days. So our body sends a signal that its normal operation is disrupted. And to understand how to help themselves, need to understand the causes of ailments. In medicine, a headache cephalalgia called the. According to statistics, 25% of the world population at least once a year suffer from long bouts of this disease.

Symptoms headache

Causes of headache long

The Cause of headaches is prolonged damage to the nervous system. It is able to cause meningitis, a brain tumor or hemorrhage. The intensity of the pain increases or temporarily decreases. When exposed to precipitating factors symptoms persist for a long time. Here are the main reasons for a long period of cephalgia:

  • the pain of tension;
  • disease of the vessels of the brain (hemorrhage, temporal arteritis, arterial hypertension);
  • headache;
  • irritation of the meninges in meningitis or encephalitis;
  • sudden increase or decrease in intracranial pressure;
  • has a concussion and various injuries of the brain;
  • hangover, sinusitis, acute respiratory viral infections and other causes.

The malaise, dizziness and headache provoke stress, inhalation of chemicals, lack of oxygen, malnutrition. Sometimes these symptoms occur because of mismatched points, noise, bright light or flat feet. the syndrome of the vertebral artery pain is accompanied by ringing in the ears, tingling in the back of the head and neck. These feelings haunt the patient as well as the exacerbation lasts a few hours or a week.

Pressure headache

The Decrease in hemoglobin reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain. In this case, there dizziness, cephalalgia, fatigue from slight exertion. These symptoms are bothering a person constantly until iron levels are not back to normal.

It Happens that none of these reasons is not suitable, and the headache tormented for a very long time. What could it be? This condition is called psychalgia, the reason is hiding in the nerve disorders. For example, when depressed people for a long time feels the pain that increases or fades. Localization in this case is difficult to determine, as the nature of feelings.

The brain Itself feels no pain, it arises in the skin, muscles, blood vessels, periosteum and the membranes of the brain. For various diseases included those or other mechanisms, is sounding the alarm about the problem.

Varieties and the development of painful symptoms

Increasing pulsation within the cranial vault, which is localized on one or both sides occurs due to the strong stretching of the walls of blood vessels. This condition is characteristic of migraine, the attacks of hypotension or hypertension, it can survive more than three days. With migraine face more than 10% of the residents of different countries.

Hangover - the cause of headaches

Blunt pressure pain indicates swelling of the vessel walls. Prolonged spasm causes hypoxia of brain tissue. Gradually to painful symptoms added to nausea, dizziness, blackouts. If you do not ensure a normal flow of oxygen to the tissues, the pain will last a very long time.

A Strong relaxation of the venous walls is accompanied by aching pain in the forehead, swollen eyelids and nasal mucosa. This is expressed most clearly in the morning. If this condition is combined with increased blood viscosity, frequent pain in the occipital region. They are amplified in a horizontal position, tilt the head, tension of the abdominal muscles, wearing tight collars and ties.

additional Methods of examination

If I had a headache for several days, you should consult a neurologist because the cause is very serious. The doctor usually uses these methods of diagnosis:

  • MRI of brain vessels, to prevent thrombosis and pathology of the circulatory system;
  • x-rays of the cervical spine for the presence of degenerative disc disease
  • blood sugar levels
  • conducting a study of hormonal background;
  • dopplerography during pregnancy;
  • gynecological examination after delivery.

MRI for headaches

Comprehensive diagnostics will help pinpoint the cause and proceed to its elimination, as headache, lasting more than one day, indicates a serious health problems. Here are some diseases that are accompanied by debilitating bouts of cephalgia:

  1. Arteritis. Infection of the cerebral vessels.
  2. trigeminal Neuralgia. Accompanied by unilateral shooting pain in the ear and jaw. Even with intensive treatment the pain persists for 5 weeks.
  3. Adenovirus infection and adenoiditis. When diseases occur highfever, swelling of nasal mucosa, lacrimation, and headaches ringing.
  4. pituitary Adenoma. The formation of a tumor in the brain causes aching pain. As it grows small hemorrhages occur, which reduces the patient's vision. Attacks last up to 5 days and often recur.

Many diseases are developing rapidly, causing irreparable damage to the brain. It is therefore important to consult with a neurologist and other specialists.

How to behave during the attack?

What to do if the pain caught unawares? Actions taken at the first symptoms tsefalgii, able to rid of the discomfort.

blood sugar headaches

It is Necessary to measure blood pressure. If you notice a significant deviation, you need to take the pill to normalize the condition. As first aid is suitable for such techniques:

  • cool water compress with essential oils of peppermint and lavender
  • in order to saturate the brain with oxygen, it is necessary to ventilate the room as often as possible and spend more time in the fresh air;
  • to drink sweet black tea or a herbal tea of chamomile or mint
  • scalp massage (frontal, temporal and parietal region);
  • small workout for the neck and back muscles.

The Majority of people suffering from a headache, prefer to be treated yourself, but if symptoms persist 2 weeks, without consulting a doctor can not do.

To alleviate the condition need to stick to my diet. Excluded from the diet chocolate, meats, spices, cheese, sausage. In no case should not drink alcoholic beverages. You should quit Smoking. During long bouts of not often use cooling compresses and hot water bottles. This provokes a spasm of the blood vessels and reduces the blood flow to the brain.

Smoking cessation for headaches

If the received pain medication did not have any action, you should not take a second tablet. This will only increase side effects. Constant intake of painkillers can bring temporary relief, but the main cause of the pain will remain. Only a comprehensive examination will help identify it.

Features therapy

A Universal way to get rid of pain does not exist, because it is invoked by different processes in the body. If the patient has already known the reason we can speak about its treatment.

When intracranial pressure or vasoconstriction will help vasodilators. To reduce the pressure, you can use aminofilina and diuretics. To reduce the discomfort is capable of paracetamol or ibuprofen.

To combat the migraine developed special complexes, because normal painkillers don't work. Recommended “Sumatriptan”, “Amigrenin”, “Zorig”. They do well with the migraines, but the symptoms of other origin will not help. These drugs appointed by the doctor if a few days headache. To start taking need under a doctor's supervision.

Many patients use the recipes of traditional medicine. They can be combined with traditional treatment, but it is important to inform the attending physician. Here are some folk remedies pain.

Onions for a national treatment system headache

To achieve good results, you should take them at least 3 weeks:

  1. a tablespoon of viburnum berries rubbed with a teaspoon of honey, add to the mix a glass of warm milk. Taken once daily for high blood pressure and nervous overloads.
  2. Paste of grated ginger with water is applied on forehead and leave for 10-15 minutes. It accelerates the circulation and nutrition of oxygen to muscles.
  3. Cut the onion into two parts and apply to temples for 15-20 minutes. The procedure was repeated three times a day during the exacerbation. The course of treatment is 3-5 days and then have a break.

Prevention of cephalgia

Any disease prevention is better than a long struggle with its consequences.

using the methods of strengthening the body it is possible to prevent the occurrence of headaches.

great importance is sleep. You must give him 7 to 9 hours a day. You should follow the regime and to relax during rest. Orthopedic pillow and mattress helps the spine to take the correct position.

sports and walks in the fresh air will saturate the blood with oxygen and protect against degenerative disc disease. So the probability of infringement of vessels will be minimized.

It is Important to monitor their psychological state, not to provoke an attack of psychalgia. During the day need to escape from the heavy thoughts and allow yourself small pleasures: skating, skiing, playing Amateur, cinemas and so on.

If the pain is accompanies the person for a long time, you need to keep a diary of health. It notes the frequency, the power and localization of cephalgia.

Specify the products used, the duration of sleep, level of physical and mental stress. Women need to correlate the seizures with the menstrual cycle, as during the month changes, hormonal background. Such observations will help to the person or the doctor to determine why a headache.