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Why after beer bad headache, and what to do about it?

Many people notice that after a beer headache. And drink a person could quite a bit, and a headache already there. To some it seems strange and illogical reaction. People get nervous and try to find the cause of this headache with advice from doctors, friends and queries in the search box of the browsers.


But in the end they are only wasting their money, time and nerves, and without finding a solution. And false answers only more confusing and bizarre situation they have. Although actually causes the pain is quite simple. So why beer may have a headache?

Causes of cephalgia

Most Often in headache that occurs after drinking alcohol, blame the so-called hangover, or withdrawal syndrome. Usually people believe that a hangover occurs because of the abuse of alcohol. But if someone has the syndrome manifests itself even after a small quantity of liquor, and his symptoms appear much brighter. The reasons for this reaction of the body can be quite a lot.

Nausea is a side effect after taking the beer

In most situations, the main cause of hangover is excessive alcohol and its decay products in the body. But some people have a strong sense of a hangover and occurs when a small dose of consumed alcohol or soft drinks. This is most likely due to the characteristics of the organism, which in humans, the chemical processes are different.

discomfort during hangover, including headache, caused the real poisoning of the body. Passing through the human liver, alcohol, processed, and released toxic acetaldehyde, which are formed of toxic substances and acids.

Beer - the cause of a hangover

They, in turn, poison the body and cause disturbances in acid-base balance, blood circulation and metabolism. In addition acetaldehyde has a chemical effect on the human nervous system, causing the appearance of abstinence syndrome an increased sensitivity. Because of all these processes the hangover is accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • severe headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • a feeling of General weakness;
  • trembling hands
  • indigestion
  • increased sensitivity to sounds, light and smells;
  • feeling of dehydration (popularly known as "parched").

Acetaldehyde and other toxic substances that appear in the processing of alcohol, tend to accumulate in the body, causing unpleasant sensations amplify.

Headache after drinking beer

The more alcohol will be in your body, the worse you will feel when experiencing a hangover. This is why a hangover can be very strong, even if you drink alcoholic beverages. It is worth remembering that is important, not the strength of the drink and the volume consumed of the product.

It is Known that a strong hangover may occur after abuse of beer. Although this drink is one of the least strong, easy to drink and does not cause a strong intoxication, but in the modern beer includes a large amount of pure ethanol (about 180 g per 2 l of drink). In addition, beer contains hops and yeast, which may enhance the effects of ethanol causing fermentation in the body.

Another reason is that beer relates to carbonated beverages. Because of this, the breakdown products of alcohol much faster and more absorbed into the human blood causing serious toxicity. It is because carbon dioxide, which bubbles occur, causing a serious hangover drink is champagne.

Treatment of symptoms of a hangover

Before you decide what to do if you experience a headache after drinking beer, it is worth remembering that the best way to protect yourself from a hangover is to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks in large quantities. But people are not always able or want to deprive yourself of pleasure to drink. So, if you are going to the party or gatherings with friends, you need to know what can be done to relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

Treatment of alcohol withdrawal at home is possible only in case, when internal organs are functioning normally. If you suspect serious violations of the body it is necessary to call an ambulance. But don't forget that withdrawal syndrome is the reason for the call. To alleviate hangover help specialized drug treatment service, operating on a commercial basis.

Medication hangover

If you have a headache after drinking, that in no event it is impossible to take a hot bath or go in the bath. When hungover syndrome in humans, increases the load on the cardiovascular system. And the cause of the pain may become elevatedblood pressure. And the steam, hot water or humidity will only worsen the condition.You should not drink coffee or strong tea. They can also increase blood pressure and cause tachycardia. Experts do not recommend to relieve the symptoms with alcohol. An attempt to "sober" will only increase toxicity, but will alleviate the condition.

You can resort to medical methods of treatment. Cure a hangover in modern pharmacies are available in wide range. But treatment with pharmaceuticals is possible only in the absence of contraindications. So before you treat the hangover in a similar manner, will consult with a specialist. Wrong medicines can worsen the situation and cause complications.

But to remove or alleviate the symptoms of hangover with the help of folk remedies.

Before proceeding to these methods, you should ensure that there are no contraindications, and possible allergic reactions. Only then can you begin treatment.

the Use of mineral water during a hangover

Folk ways to relieve a hangover syndrome people have invented many, this is the problem which disturbs mankind from ancient times. Especially popular such tools:

  1. Drinking, preferably mineral water, diluted lemon juice and crushed mint leaves. This remedy helps to get rid of dehydration.
  2. Cucumber or cabbage brine helps to relieve muscle pain and get rid of migraines (remember that the brine should not be vinegar).
  3. the Use of products obtained by fermentation (sauerkraut, pickled apples).
  4. Consumption of fermented milk products (sour milk, yogurt, yogurt) that will help to get rid of feelings of nausea.

All these remedies will not completely cure your hangover, but will help to rise on feet and to relieve symptoms. In addition, it is worth remembering that many products contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is Worth remembering that precisely because of the coming hangover after the beer headache. For this reason the only effective way to protect yourself from unpleasant feelings is a refusal to accept alcohol. Any tools can help only to forget about hangover, easing her headache.