Why after the massage, a headache?

Massage is one of the methods of treatment of various diseases. But sometimes it backfires – after the massage, a headache. Headache can occur after a massage back and neck, which is appointed and held to get rid of pain and spasm in the muscles or for the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease. Massage is a physical effect on the spine, with the purpose of this procedure, you must consider its effect on the body as a whole.

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causes of cephalgia

Back and neck are naturally associated with the spine, which consists of 35 vertebrae. The disruption of the structure of the spine (offset, pinched nerve, curvature) affect the General health. The cervical spine is highly vulnerable, due to the weakness of the muscular system and the anatomy of the cervical vertebrae. Their proximity even at low loads may lead to their displacement, which contribute to the compression of nerves and blood vessels. If during the massage will be very squeezed area of the vertebrae in the neck can shift, and thus cause headaches.

Headache after a massage can have a number of reasons:

  • inappropriate massage technique for a specific person;
  • not a professional massage
  • incorrect head position during the procedure;
  • compression of vertebral arteries;
  • strain the channel of the vertebral artery.

the Problem of headache after the massage

In the neck area, is a major artery, which is delivered to the blood and oxygen to the brain, if the massage was done incorrectly, then the compression of this artery and as a result there is a headache. Massage of a collar leads to stimulation of the neck area, and the blood begins to flow in abundance. That's why after a massage can be a headache.

As a rule, to headaches the slopes people with unstable blood pressure: low or high. Therefore, this fact should be taken into account both during the massage and before his appointment. The way out of this situation can be correction of equipment, specifically massage is best done in the direction from the head to prevent the flow in the head the blood in large amounts.

Regardless of the cause of pain, this situation is not classified as normal, normally after the massage should not be any discomfort. In order to avoid a painful existence after the session, you must adjust the treatment tactics.

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How to get rid of headache after the massage

Headache can be accompanied by increased blood pressure, increases production of adrenaline, and the pulse becomes quickened. This condition can adversely affect the cardiovascular system, and therefore requires the adoption of measures for its elimination. One of the ways to get rid of headache is the use of pain medicines, they are able to quickly relieve acute attacks. You can take drugs such as “Dipyrone” and “Aspirin”, given the fact that:

  • there are no blood diseases;
  • missing kidney and the liver;
  • man does not suffer from bronchial asthma;
  • don't have stomach ulcers.

In addition, beginning headache can be removed with the help of such drugs as: “MIG 400”, “Ketanov”, “Novalgin”, “Ibuprofen”, “no-Spa”, “Spazmalgon”. All medicines must be prescribed by a doctor after consultation. In some cases it can be done without the use of drugs, and use a cold compress on my head and relax, this will help to cope with a headache.

Thus, to perform massage with extreme caution, especially in the neck area. All movements should be smooth and neat.

In the case of recurring headaches after the session, it is recommended to take a break for some time or completely abandon this procedure, choosing different ways to treat certain diseases.