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After a workout in the gym there was a pain under left shoulder blade

A Message from Ludmila:

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Today at practice I felt a little discomfort in the back (if lost), then went for another Kinesis in the pool, but the house felt a little stronger pain in the back under the shoulder blade on the left. If the arm and elbow down to your left, you feel the pain stronger. Can something advise? Pressure is normal, the pulse under load 115-125. I am 57 years old.


Hello Ludmila. It's nice that you read our website. A small discomfort in the back in your case, most likely, is associated with traumatic injuries of the muscles or ligaments of the back. Obviously, it is not associated with the spinal column, as in pinching the nerve root, you would unlikely be able to swim in the pool because of pain.

If we approach the treatment of this disease from a medical point of view, it is obvious that should the appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs in pill form (Nise, nimesulide) or ointments (voltaren, hydrocortisone ointment).

given that you lead a healthy lifestyle and doing exercises, I advise you not to hurry with chemicals and give the body time to cope with pathology. To help him can folk remedies. In this case it will be enough to take a warm bath with chamomile or sage. Infusion of chamomile can be taken orally. In General, there are many folk remedies for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

If they don't bring relief, you can use anti-inflammatory drugs, but do not rush to take pills unnecessarily.