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Pain in right breast, worse before menstruation

A Message from Jeanne:

I Have recently started aching right breast. Hurt clearly in one place. The pain increases before menstruation, when the Breasts swell a bit. Was in mammalogy, the doctor says everything is normal, ultrasound showed the same thing, no problem. Mammolog has told, it is somewhere a problem in your back, something pinched and so give. Can this be?


Hello Jeanne. Of course, if the infringement of the nerve roots in the spinal cord the pain may be organs that are innervated by them, and not only along the vertebral column.

Pain in the breast can be osteochondrosis or intervertebral herniation in the thoracic spine. However, analyzing your description, I want to draw attention to the relationship between the increased pain and periods.

If, after mammography and digital rectal examination of breast tissue pathological changes have been identified, so dense and large entities in it.

You Have a pathology more similar to a gynecological status. Before menstruation increases the level of estrogen, for exclusion of uterine epithelium. If they are synthesized in normal amounts, in women pain is not observed. When hormones little or, on the contrary, many appear painful sensations in the breast.

To address this issue, we recommend you to visit an endocrinologist who will write a referral for testing for sex hormones. Unfortunately, to perform such a study cannot afford any healthcare institution, because the analysis requires expensive equipment – an apparatus ELISA.

To exclude disease of the spine, lie on your stomach and ask someone close gently to pressure points along the spine. To exclude spinal pathology can be, if on palpation You will not feel the pain. However, detection of pain does not guarantee that found the cause of the disease.

There is another interesting point regarding the identification of the causes of the disease. Try to record the time of occurrence of pathology within a few months. If it occurs with a certain frequency and is connected with menstruation, you will have to take hormone medications to correct the functionality of the reproductive system.

In conclusion, here are a few typical signs to identify pain in other organs due to spinal pathology:

  1. Increases in the morning, because during sleep the mattress is pushing on spinous processes of the vertebrae, which leads to increased infringement of the nerve root;
  2. is Activated during exercise and turns of the body;
  3. is Attenuated after taking a warm shower.

So, Jeanne, if You do regular exercises, you bend, rotate trunk, most likely, You have pain in the breast due to other reasons. I advise you to visit gynecologist and endocrinologist or, in extreme cases, blood tests for sex hormones.