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Use and application of the applicators and Kuznetsova in osteochondrosis

Applicator Kuznetsova in cervical osteochondrosis is used to stimulate the reflex points, improving blood circulation and activates metabolism in brain tissue. Thanks to its action improves performance, increases vitality and mood. Overweight people using devices note the weight reduction, removal of skin stretch marks.

Applicator Lyapko is analogous to the above-described invention. Its use is not limited to degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine.

applicators with cervical degenerative disc disease

Development Kuznetsov

The Model of Kuznetsov represents the active plate containing shipoopie protrusions, which are aimed at massaging the active points of the skin. Depending on the use allocate the following types of devices:

  • green color is used for sensitive skin. Has small thorns;
  • blue color – provides massive exposure and is equipped with sharp thorns
  • yellow – spiked with an extra magnetic tabs ensure maximum efficiency
  • orange – unique spikes for acupressure.

The use of the device is possible not only in degeneration of the vertebral column, but for the purpose of:

  1. relieving pain
  2. normalize the mobility of the spine;
  3. increase muscle tone
  4. to restore the skin
  5. cellulite reduction.


Applicator (applicator) Lyapko applied in medical establishments, sanatoriums and at home. Reliability and simplicity of analogue to it exists. The model is widely spread in folk medicine.

The use of the applicator is not limited to osteochondrosis. The device has gained popularity worldwide because of the following therapeutic effects:

  • Treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and respiratory systems.
  • increasing the vitality of muscles and improved performance.
  • Treatment of sexual disorders and normalization of sexual function.
  • getting Rid of gynecological pathology.
  • Reduced time of rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury, stroke and traumatic injuries of the extremities.
  • Increased efficiency techniques such as laser therapy, manual therapy, acupuncture.
  • Reducing time of reception of medicines.

The Above product in cervical osteochondrosis helps to normalize the blood supply in the brain through improving blood flow in the vertebral artery. By stimulating the receptors of the skin along the spinal column models Kuznetsova and Lyapko help to improve the condition of the patient with vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

Degenerative condition accompanied by impairment of blood supply in muscular-ligamentous structure of the spine, the formation of bony osteophytes, the intervertebral disc damage. There is no drug that is able to simultaneously remove all of the above links, formed in the cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral osteochondrosis of the form.

To resolve all the symptoms possible for a long time to apply the applicator Kuznetsova and Lyapko, which will greatly reduce the duration of the illness and improve the efficiency of conservative treatment.

Every person with the diseases of the spinal column must have a home similar device, without which it is difficult to get rid of the radicular syndrome, which is the constant companion of degenerative diseases.