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Why does it hurt the skin on the scalp under hair?

Hurt the skin on the scalp under the hair may without apparent reason. That is, the integrity of the skin is not damaged and there is no rash, but the skin still hurts. The feeling may be permanent or appear with some frequency.

the Problem of pain in the scalp

If you see these symptoms, the cause, it is recommended to find out as early as possible. Experts say that to provoke the pain of the skin under the hair can have different factors and they are very individual.

causes of pain of the skin on head

Quite often the reason for the pain lies in the actual hair. If they are very thick and long, the pain provoked by the weight of the hair. As a rule, the owners of such hair often braid them in her hair, implying the use of a large number of pins or studs. In such a situation to the total weight of hair add a load of used pins.

If your hair throughout the day gathered in a tight ponytail or in a braid, the pain caused by pulling the scalp. Until the hair is tightened in such a tight hairstyle, people might not feel pain, but if you dissolve the hair, then the roots will appear the feeling of pain.

Particular attention should be paid to hair care. All care products (balms, shampoos, conditioners, etc.) can be causing an allergic reaction, which every person is manifested in its own way.

Structure of the scalp

Not only external factors can cause pain in the scalp, but also internal: impaired circulation, sudden changes in body temperature, CNS disease, dystonia and even stress.

Psycho-Emotional state has an impact on the operation of all systems and organs, it is therefore not surprising that, together with soreness of the scalp will be present and other symptoms.

be ignored, and attempt to figure out why hurt the roots of the hair, not worth it. Diagnosis it is recommended to trust a specialist. Perhaps the cause of pain is due to dermatologic disease, treatment of which should be trusted only to professionals.

Types of skin pain and their symptoms

The Pain on the scalp, each person can manifest in different ways. The type of pain it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis, this symptom is an important factor during diagnosis.

To Understand, why hurt the roots of the hair, if there's no reason the doctor can only after receiving the analysis results.

In most cases, the sensation may be as follows:

  • itching
  • tingling of the scalp;
  • constant monotonous pain;
  • severe pain for no apparent reason;
  • pain during combing.

scalp Pain when combing

The Burning and itching often accompanied by additional symptom such as a flaky scalp. It can be observed after perming or dyeing hair. Due to the effects of chemicals the skin may burn, and that will cause pain. In that case, if you observed all precautions, but after coloring the skin still hurts, the cause may be an allergic reaction to one of the components of the means used.

Poor hygiene causes the feeling of itching. The natural reaction to itching is the appearance of a constant desire to scratch your head, and it will sooner or later lead to injury of skin. In the resulting wounds can easily penetrate pathogenic microorganisms that cause various inflammation and pain.

Not everyone knows that frequent usage of hair dryer damages not only the hair but also the skin of the head. Under the influence of the flow of hot air is much too dry epidermis and may even develop a burn.

If women suffer hair roots, then it can be triggered by changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy or menopause.

usually in addition to pain, other symptoms, such as rapid loss or rapid growth. When hormonal failure pain of the head occurs during combing or washing. The pain may be dull or aching.

With this problem you can consult a trichologist or dermatologist. During diagnosis, the doctor may redirect the patient to another specialist: a neurologist or an endocrinologist.

Consultation services

pain on the skin

The Pain caused by the weight of themselves of hair are the easiest to resolve. You can use these tips change your hairstyle (cut) or not to use a large number of accessories and hair clips for styling, to make hair easier.

If pain is caused by inflammation or fungal infection, without drug therapy can not do. The course of treatment depends on the individual peculiarities of a patient. Drug therapy may include the reception of various drugs asfor internal and external use.

The Pain of the scalp under the hair when hormonal failure treated with normalization of this process.

To Normalize blood circulation and eliminate spasms of blood vessels, which provoke skin soreness, with the help of physiotherapy treatment and special head massages.

Regardless of what provoked bad feelings on the head, the patient should not ignore them, and find out why. One relieve the pain with medication would be insufficient.