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Types and indications for wearing belts (bands) from the scoliosis

Belt of the scoliosis is needed every patient suffering from lateral curvature of the spine during physical activity, prolonged sitting, weight lifting. In frontal displacement of the vertebral axis of the 3 degree he was appointed as the podiatrist for permanent use.

Supporting products for lower back used by bodybuilders who lift weights daily. Particularly popular models are the people who have just started to "pump up" muscles. In this case, they are used to prevent injury of muscle and spine.

Effective zone from the scoliosis

A Brace from scoliosis less used often, because it has enough force to eliminate the deformation of 3 degrees.

the Design and purpose of the orthopedic belts

The Belt from scoliosis is widely used in European countries. In Russia it is less widespread. The main purpose of the product:

  • Is a reinforced brace for the spine. Under the action of external pressure, it supports the torso from shifting. The effect is achieved by fixation of the intervertebral discs, the axis of the spinal column and muscular frame lower back;
  • Brace for lateral curvature of the spine allows a person not to strain the back muscles during exercise
  • With belt created active opposition of the abdomen to external pressure;
  • Warming bandage increases the temperature at the site of application by activating blood circulation.

To Simulate the effect of the model is possible in their own home. It's enough to wrap a waist band. It will create extra tension, therefore the joints of the spine will be more resistant to external pressure. Wearing the belt in lateral dislocation of the vertebral axis acts in a similar way.

Model has another useful effect. It prevents the increase of pressure inside the abdominal cavity and thus prevents the formation of intervertebral hernia. When lifting weights to overcome the muscular resistance are spent for more power. With the active support of using orthopedic products "belly button won't fall off".

In case of frontal deformation of the vertebral axis, doctors prescribe physiotherapy. It is a basic therapy of the disease. To prevent the progression of curvature, assigned to the orthopedic belt.

warming the brace from scoliosis

Contraindications to wearing

Scoliosis has 4 degrees of severity. In the initial stages of the disease wearing a brace, corset, reclinator, retainer bearing is required and is used to prevent further deformation and returning to the physiological position of the vertebral column.

Lateral bending of the vertebral column 4 degrees characterized by severe deformation of the axis of the body and associated with pain. Against this background, the use of orthopedic products may aggravate symptoms.

So, the belt is from scoliosis if the infringement of nerve fibers between the vertebrae in the lower back will further put pressure on the spinal nerve and reduce pain.

Contraindications to wearing a belt orthopedic:

  • Atrophy of muscle tissue;
  • circulatory disorders in the lower back;
  • Cancer of the internal organs;
  • in the gut Constipation, or diarrhea;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis.

Muscle Atrophy is a relative contraindication to the use of lumbar back support. Under this term in medicine means functional weakness and decrease in muscle size.

A Bandage for the violation of the blood in the pelvic area and abdomen will facilitate the emergence of stagnation. Abnormalities of microcirculation occur because of the displacement of internal organs, including the largest artery of the body – the aorta.

Increased pressure inside the abdomen for the presence of malignant tumors may provoke metastasis (when cancer cells to other organs).

The Pressure of the belt on the stones in the urinary tract can cause the movement and damage to the wall of the ureter or renal pelvis to the occurrence of bleeding.

the belt of scoliosis a variable degree of fixation

Classification and operation

Belt for scoliosis, and brace, mechanism of action can be divided into:

  • Warming models are designed exclusively to improve the circulation in the lower back. They do not displace the spine in the direction opposite to the curvature, therefore, only be applied in milder forms of pathology.
  • Unloading belt take the load off the lumbar spine. This prevents stretching and damage to the muscles during physical work, bending, raising weights.
  • Protects the model is designed primarily to athletes. She dressed athletes in sports halls to avoid injurymuscular-ligamentous apparatus under static loads.

When review of current orthopedic products from scoliosis should pay attention to the belt 4 generations. Their mechanism of action is based not only on mechanical corrections of the waist, but also to magnetic, pneumatic, electrical effects on the soft tissues at the site of application.

Pneumatic belt additionally have the ability to traction (traction) of the spine. Due to the possibility of creating a controlled pressure by using these products, the physician has the possibility of increasing the height of intervertebral discs. Additionally, the elastic contraction eliminates the tension of the muscles and injury the vertebrae. They are also recommended to commit the changes after the massage.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the belt of a scoliosis is not a radical method of treatment of the curvature in the lumbar spine. In case of severe deformity it is better to use together with the locking corset. Such a brace will be optimal to maintain the vertical axis of the body and prevent its displacement.