How to choose a massager for the back?

back Massager will greatly facilitate the task for everyone who loves to relax loaded and strained shoulder and back muscles by using good and effective massage. Today, the competent chiropractors, inviting SPA-beauty salons and many massage parlors, but to afford such expensive, not everyone can. To pay for the desired procedure and loved to visit a professional massage therapist once a month – still all right. What to do if you are a big fan of massage and one visit to you will very little? Or, for example, you have some serious health problems and you just need periodically to get a quality massage, and to spend money on it not very desirable or not possible?

the Use of massagers for the back

Even from this situation, you can find a way, and a sufficient budget. It is possible only one time to acquire the massager back and neck and do not worry about this issue. With the help of some massagers you will be able to stretch and relax your body, and other types of massage ambulances assistants facilitate the work in your home massage therapist, whose role can easily perform your loved one.

the Right choice of massager

On the market massage devices presents a decent range of quality massagers, but each of them performs specific functions. So before you choose a massage device of the many other, is more closely familiar with their main advantages. To start is to learn what types of massage:

  • sports massage (release muscle tension);
  • medical massage (by prescription of doctors and medical staff)
  • Wellness massage (is the treatment or in the treatment of disease)
  • facial massage (for blood circulation or improve the color of the skin);
  • anti-cellulite massage (help in getting rid of “orange peel”);
  • relaxing massage (lets you relieve stress from muscles and to relax);
  • preventive massage (is administered after the disease or to prevent disease).

Handheld massagers

The Type of massage that is suitable for you depends on the goals you want to achieve or problem that you have a passionate desire to get rid of. And again, in this issue you can either choose the right and competent specialist or to choose a good massager. Do not hurry to run to the stores and buy the first available massagers or advertised fixtures. Before you make a choice in favor of one or another of the massager, don't forget to read the instructions and ask for advice to professionals – this will prevent accidental injury and save you from disastrous consequences.

Species diversity massagers

Between the massagers differ not only in appearance, materials, or in purpose, but also on the type of massage element. Distinguished:

  • manual (massager, hand made or fitted for self-massaging);
  • mechanical (produced mainly from wood of the soft type, is based on some mechanism that comes into action in the massage process);
  • electric (massager, working exclusively on the network through the wire, sometimes on battery)
  • laser massager (the most effective, as it performs double exposure using laser beams);
  • magnetic massager (has an impact when the electromagnetic field).

electric massager

The Type of the massage element is selected on the basis of the same issues: what type of massage you need and will not cause the damage to your health.

Choose a massage device you can own, because it's all based on whether you have someone to help stretch the back or shoulders or massage you want yourself. Currently have these types of massagers, such as:

  • cushion
  • rolling massagers
  • pillow-massager
  • massage collars
  • chairs
  • cushions
  • massage beds.

Laser massager

Massagers that work in tandem with electricity

Electric massagers are widely popular among consumers massage devices, as most of them are only required to connect to the network, and the rest of the work they easily and efficiently will do for you. Now on the market of the major bestsellers are kosmodisk, scarves, buddy, massage chairs and pillow-massager. Plus electric massagersis that the length and strength of massage you regulate yourself by pressing the appropriate buttons or scoring information in the program.

  1. a Scarf is a great massager for the shoulders and back, as its affected area is the neck and legs. It will improve blood circulation, relax muscle area, and you can buy it literally in every pharmacy.
  2. Kosmodisk only affects the neck and shoulders and, in addition to its relaxing effect, it is still possible to relieve muscle pain caused by heavy loads from work or sports activities.
  3. buddy influences on the sore spot point. Have to read additional sources and to learn acupressure, you can buy a buddy and use it at home at any time. It will substitute for any doctor, massage therapist or chiropractor who knows all the literature about acupressure.
  4. Massage chair must be very loved by many, you can experience true indulgence, caught in the spell of a chair massager. Enough to sit on the chair and relax, and it will do its job and bring you the desired effect. But the downside is the extra space that should be allocated for chairs. It, unfortunately, will not take on a trip and will not put in a bag unlike the aforementioned devices.
  5. Pillow-massager is a real relaxer, it can be placed under any part of the back. It will do a superficial massage using the vibration of different level that you choose for yourself.

Tumbler-a scarf for the neck and shoulders

Responsible representatives of handheld massagers

Handheld back massager you can buy at the pharmacy to pick up the type of massage or exercise. For example, you need to do massage on the shoulders or back, but you don't want to be trapped and waste your money, buying an expensive electric, laser or magnetic massager. In this case, makes a hand massager: on it you will be able to determine the area being massaged and feel the effect after the massage, because it is quite a budget option. Although it will suit those people who used to do home massage yourself: thus in a certain region of the muscle you will be able to exert strong pressure, and to weaken the effect. Everything else your hands will work together with you and receive a portion of a great training.

Separately, you can select manual needle massager, invented by Kuznetsov. By the way, the massager is named after its inventor: applicator Kuznetsova. Now this type of massager produced by many companies, so you can choose according to their own preferences, but generally, these massagers are equal. Base mounted plastic piercing elements, however, they come in different colors, lengths, and "thorns" can be square or round. But the essence remains the same. This massager is very useful for the back, because it operates on many points, but in use it is very simple. It can be put on a chair or the back of a chair, on the bed. In contact with the applicator Kuznetsova, you receive a quality massage. To enhance the effect, you can attach the applicator and to ask someone from the household to push you back or make a light massage using the massager Kuznetsov.

Massager Kuznetsov

Also hand roller massagers are made from plastic or wood. The only drawback of roller massagers is a superficial massage and possible getting bruised from excessive pressure. But massage special roller, pleasant and able to break up salt deposits in the area of shoulders, neck and back.

Main in the parts of mechanics

A Variety of mechanical massagers proudly opens belt massager. It is a roller cylinders with teeth, made of plastic or wood that are connected together with strong threads or thin, strong rope. Entire massage device is a kind of tape (from this comes the name), both ends of which are handles. Thus, with the help of belt massager, you can perform the self-massage of the back, shoulders, neck and other problem areas, holding pens, moving them in different directions and massaging rollers. This kind of mechanical massager has low price and can afford almost every fan of massage.

Laser defenders back and other parts of the body

Laser massager is expensive, but efficiently and effectively. To cure back trouble, you must repeat the procedure using a laser massager a few times. This could be done both in hospitals and at home, buying a massager for yourself. The main advantage of this massager is that it removes even the strongest acute pain and brings the best effect. Some members of laser massagers even have the strength to dissolve the hernia and to treat serious diseases. The reason why this type of massage devices available in some clinics and medical institutions.

Magnetic massage products

The Most brilliant representative of the magnetic massager is a roller. It relaxes all the muscle divisions, eases the pain using bipolar magnets and their convenient shape. With this magical massager-magnet canalways keep your posture straight and even cure scoliosis. Active athletes and workers, leading a sedentary life, will find salvation in this cushion. Moreover, it is quite compact and easy to use.

massage Important findings

The best and Most effective option is early consultation with a competent medical professional, and then purchasing massage tools. Best place to buy massager in pharmacies, because in supermarkets you will often see advertised brand or the massager, not influencing positively on health. A pharmacy is most reliable place to buy health products. And even if you have a passion for massage chairs or massage magnetic devices, and in your condition it is contradicted, then don't go against your doctor. So you will only be able to harm herself. Use the massager only for medical or relaxing purposes, then you will get pleasure not only from high-quality massage, but definitely value for money. Best financial contribution is a contribution to yourself and to your own health.