How to choose an orthopedic pillow for legs

Many people are faced with fatigue in the legs, and swelling. The cause of these discomfort may be the increased load experienced by the foot during the day. Relieve fatigue and improve circulation of the lower limbs will help orthopedic pillows. Ortopediske not only save you from discomfort, but also improve the condition in some pathologies such as arthritis, varicose veins, cramps, fractures and sprains. It is recommended to use ortopediske and during pregnancy.

Orthopedic cushion for feet

Types of orthopedic pillows for your feet

depending on the material used distinguish pillows:

  • natural latex
  • made of polyurethane foam (foam)
  • from memorics;
  • polyester and polystyrene.

Comparative characteristic of products of different materials

  1. Latex

The Products from this material are characterized by high elasticity, they are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties. Not electrified, absolutely not absorb moisture and unpleasant odors. Another significant advantage is their durability. The material is not deformed, not destroyed. When properly stored pillows from latex can last 20-30 years. Latex products receive mostly positive reviews.

Orthopedic pillow latex

  1. Polyurethane foam

Material being a artificial analogue of the latex has the same properties as latex. However, cushions made of polyurethane foam firmer than natural latex.

Orthopedic pillow made of polyurethane foam

  1. Memoriks

A Distinctive feature of this material is the so-called memory effect. Ortopediska from memeriksa takes the form of the body, making its application more convenient. The product, adapting to the contours of the body, has no pressure on him. According to numerous reviews, these pillows are the most comfortable.

Orthopedic pillow from memeriksa

  1. Polystyrene

Ortopediske polystyrene structure in the form of small balls. They are softer and lighter. It is convenient to apply during pregnancy. Specially for expectant mothers designed products shaped With different radius (the big radius more comfortable for sleep and rest).

Orthopedic pillow polystyrene

the Differences in size

  1. Long. Such ortopediske calculated over the whole length of your legs, they are easier for varicose veins of the lower extremities, edema, injuries as contribute to the improvement of the venous outflow.
  2. Short. They are located only in the area of the calf.

Short of ortopediske foot

The Use of orthopedic pillows depends on the posture for sleeping. If a person prefers to sleep on your side, a pillow placed between your legs. It can also be placed under the knees if a person sleeps on his back.

How to choose a product for yourself

The product Type is selected individually for each person. Before purchasing, you should become familiar with the available types, read the customer reviews. The choice is recommended to focus on the following options.

  1. Height. The choice of the optimum comfortable height depends on the individual's sensation. The most convenient are products with adjustable height. They have an additional insert that can be removed, thereby changing the height.
  2. Stiffness. This parameter depends on the material used. We can distinguish three types: hard, medium hard and soft. The product of medium hardness is more versatile. When you select this option, you should rely on feeling. If a person prefers to place the product between your legs, it is recommended to stay on a soft pillow. On the contrary, if it is more convenient to sleep on your back with pillows under the feet, ideal the product is of higher rigidity.
  3. Sizes – short or long.
  4. Material. Distinguish synthetic and natural fillers. The choice of material depends on personal preference of the buyer. If in the anamnesis there are cases of Allergy, should choose hypoallergenic products. Synthetic pillows are more easy to clean, while the natural need regular thorough cleaning with observance of all rules. The advantages of natural materials are a great elasticity and optimum heat transfer.
  5. Price varies from 1000 to 5000.

How is the height of the pillow


The Action of oropouche is aimed at relieving tension in the muscles of the lower limbs and improvingcirculation. As a result, they reduce the feeling of fatigue and pain in a number of diseases. The main indications for use are:

  • fatigue in the legs;
  • swelling in a number of diseases or pregnancy;
  • joint diseases – arthritis;
  • varicose veins;
  • convulsions and muscle spasms.


There Are the following contraindications:

  • an allergic reaction to the material;
  • damage the skin of the lower limbs.

If you have allergic reactions, it is recommended to use Hypo-allergenic material such as natural latex.

Care and storage

Orthopedic pillows for the feet do not require special care. Use them only as directed. In the application it is necessary to avoid jumps and drops on the product, as this may disrupt the structure of the filler. Thus, the durability depends on careful treatment.

The Material is polluted, therefore, an important phase of care is washing. It is recommended to wash the product by hand at a temperature of 40-50 degrees. Allowed to do that in machine using delicate cycle without spinning. Ortopediske of natural latex and memorise is better not to wash. They should be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. Drying is carried out only in a natural way at room temperature. After washing you can dry the material with a towel.

To Store the product in special covers that provide natural ventilation. Why not use it to store plastic bags as they prevent air circulation, avoid places with high humidity.

Orthopedic pillows help relax the muscles of the lower limbs and help to alleviate the symptoms of several diseases. To fully perform its functions can only correctly selected ortopediska. However, it is worth remembering that we should not rely solely on reading reviews. Before buying it is recommended to consult with a doctor or podiatrist who will help an individual to choose an orthopedic pillow for the feet.