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Who often develops scoliosis

Hello, tell me who often develops scoliosis – girls or boys?

To physician:

When answering the question which most often develops scoliosis, resort to practical experience spine specialists. Most common idiopathic lateral curvature of the spine in young people. The reason it is not installed, but according to statistics this form is found in 80% of adolescents.

the development of scoliosisUnexplained well as its predominant prevalence in boys than girls. However, boys are more physically active so they are more likely to incorrect physiological posture. Age category for the occurrence of idiopathic curvature from 10 to 16 years.

However, according to statistics, scoliosis occurs more frequently in girls. Such performance is achieved due to the "muscular" form of the disease that occurs because of the asynchronous formation of the skeletal musculature at wrong landing at a Desk.

Degenerative type of disease occurs predominantly in older people after 60 years. It develops because of multiple violations of the blood supply, insufficient supply of nutrients and sediments in the ligamentous-muscular apparatus of the spine of calcium salts.

Professional scoliosis occurs in people who spend a long time in a sitting position with reduced physical activity: accountant, drivers, heads of enterprises. Interestingly, in old age frontal displacement of the spine of virtually no progress, as the spine is firmly fixed in one position bony overgrowth (osteophytes), which are formed between the adjacent vertebrae.

A small portion of people with this disease (about 5%) suffer from skeletal muscle weakness or congenital malformations of the musculoskeletal system. This category may include people with cerebral palsy, myodystrophy-Glanzmann's and various anatomical defects of the vertebrae.